Wisconsin COVID-19 cases up 7.2% in early September

wisconsin covid-19
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New coronavirus cases in Wisconsin increased 7.2 percent over a recent seven-day period, the 11th highest percentage among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, according to an analysis by the COVID Tracking Project.

See the Wisconsin COVID-19 numbers below.

Total COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin numbered 86,353 as of Sept. 6, the website reported, and new cases on that date numbered 890.

The COVID Tracking Project, a volunteer effort spearheaded by the news publication The Atlantic, reported that coronavirus cases in the nation as of Sept. 6 numbered 6,247,397, with new cases on that day estimated at 33,767.

Nationwide, cases over seven days in early September were up 4.1 percent. Only Massachusetts reported a drop in cases during those seven days, according to the project.

Because different states use varying definitions and metrics when reporting on coronavirus cases, the data should be considered estimates rather than precise numbers, the COVID Tracking Project website states.

Source: COVID Tracking Project

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  1. They are not “CASES”. They are positive tests, and we know all about the ‘tests’ which are so over-sensitive that they are ‘positive-wrong’ up to 90% of the time.

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