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Ted Perry: McConnell Death Post Was Outrageous But Don’t Cancel Him

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We’re not fans of cancel culture. That goes for all.

Fox 6 anchor Ted Perry made a comment on Facebook that was awful.

WISN’s Mark Belling first shared a screenshot of the Facebook post, which read, “2020 takes Alex Trebek but leaves Mitch McConnell? Just end already.”

The Ted Perry McConnell post:

McConnell, of course, is the Senate Majority Leader.

Perry has now apologized.

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Some people on Twitter want Perry fired all the same.


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Here’s our take.

We think the Ted Perry McConnell post was tasteless and ill-advised.

However, we’re also not fans of cancel culture.

We simply believe that the totality of a person’s career and their commitment to the community should be taken into account. We’ve always felt that Perry did not seem overtly biased. He always seemed like he had some common sense. He’s been a fixture in Milwaukee for years. He’s had an unblemished career here for a long time.

We fear that the election has emboldened a new era of cancellation games and schadenfreude. We won’t play a part in it. We will say it again. We think people should be judged by the totality of their careers, not have them destroyed over one errant remark.

We don’t know what got into Perry. It was a pretty awful thing to say.

But we don’t think a person should lose an entire career over one social media mistake.

Thus, we would advocate that Fox 6 not fire Ted Perry. He apologized. He learned his lesson. Move on.

But maybe he should lay off Facebook for awhile.


  1. At what point does this madness stop? It’s time we learn again that there are consequences for our actions! Ted Perry is not a child. He’s an adult and a public figure. He SHOULD know better!

  2. Fire him now. Sick and tired of it being ok for libs to say whatever,but as soon as a conservative speaks out there is a problem.

  3. Fire him! That’s what happens nowadays when you say things such as this. I’m so sick of the lefties getting a pass and conservatives are fired IMMEDIATELY!! Sorry Ted but that’s just the way of the world now. Welcome to the cancel culture!! How does it feel?

  4. They should fire him if it costs them viewership and ad dollars. I don’t make a practice of watching the local TV news on any station, so I don’t have a dog in this hunt, but it boils down to economics. If enough viewers are repulsed by his fake unbiased integrity, they’ll change the channel, and Fox6 will change the anchor in order to get them back.

  5. Do you think that because conservatives don’t encourage the “cancel culture” liberals will extend the same? Don’t be naive!

  6. I don’t like the cancellation culture either but I’m really tired of taking it in the face day after day. If not firing him, at least off the air for 6 weeks or so. In any case I’m off of Fox 6 which was the only local news channel I watched.

  7. A very poor personal choice of words by a professional newscaster.
    I dont tune in for Ted Perrys opinion, but now it looks like his twist on subjects will be included.

  8. Ted Perry should at the least be suspended so that the viewing public knows he was reprimanded in some way. His comment was outrageous and a really bad reflection on Milwaukee’s Fox News network. The fact that he’s been a newscaster for so long only makes his comment even worse. He of all people should know better. Let him keep his hateful opinions to himself. It is outrageous, and Fox News should address this issue ON TV so that we know this kind of bias and reprehensible speech is not condoned !!! Just unbelievable that a news anchor would put something like that out there for everyone to see……apology NOT ACCEPTED. This just shows the real person behind the “nice guy” pretense.

  9. But he can no longer be viewed as an objective news anchor. Time to move on to CNN where you cannot tell a news anchor from a political commentator.

  10. Won’t be watching Fox6 if Ted Perry is allowed to continue broadcasting. He like many others (ie President Trump) need to check themselves before sending out insensitive statements. Uncalled for especially from someone in the media.

  11. It was an outrageous comment from someone who is supposed to be unbiased and who is a journalist in the public eye. He absolutely should be removed from his position.

  12. I believe Ted Perry should be held accountable, regardless. Everyone day’s, and does stopid things!!. I’m not judging him. However, he knows better. He’s supposed to be a professional… And mature. Perhap’s, moreover, maybe it’s best he keeps his abhorrent and stupid, embarrassing comments to his own disgraceful self!!! Would u wish that awful and disrespectful sickness upon yourself! Be careful…. What you wish for!!!!

  13. Shame on you Ted!

    My early years growing up, I remember media being unbiased. Miss those days!

    Whatever beliefs people hold (and I’m grateful to live in a country where you CAN decide!), it’s very poor taste to wish anyone ill/dead.

  14. Wow if any conservative did this the left would have his head on a platter. This guy wished death publicly. He obviously knew what he was doing and should at the very least be suspended without pay and made to publicly apologize to Mitch. Honestly I think he should just be fired

  15. Mr. Perry either has to resign or be terminated immediately. He no longer can possibly be taken serious, fair or impartial as a journalist for reporter. What a complete joke this profession has become over the last several years!
    Will not watch Fox 6 news again until he is gone.

  16. Sorry Ted we will never ever watch Fox News again. My family has been loyal viewers since the days of Albert the alley cat. Keep your views to yourself especially when you wish someone dead. You truly are a disappointment. If you’re so far left maybe consider a job in the Chicago or New York market. On second thought you’re really not that good.

  17. It appears it was an attempt at a joke. Private statement, yet a poor choice. Has nothing to do with his abilities, acumen, character or professionalism. He apologized, move on or over to another program, but leave him alone.

  18. Ted Perry has not over the years ,just made this offensive comment…he has made
    Several….and I for one would not be sad to see him fired for it.Fox6 has changed,
    But Ted Perry has stayed waaaaaaay to long….he is an old angry ,crabby, vindictive
    Liberal and this comment just proves it! He IS NOT SORRY he said this and the
    Idea that he is a journalist????come on Ted get real…..you come on every night
    And tell us “fair,UNBIASED,news” is all you will hear on FOX6…well maybe but
    NOT FROM YOU TED!!! Man up and quit….after all was it not you that said you were
    More than financially ready to retire ???? You have hurt the station so just take your
    Awful views and leave…..no comment I have read ,ever ,suggested anyone ever wished that harm come to you…what did poor old Mitch ever do to you?

  19. Republicans didn’t make the rules buddy, people get canceled for things done years ago and some recently for saying alot less. He should be canned because according to the left saying something along these lines is worthy of firing. Fox6 has lost alot of credibility over the past few months and this is just another nail in the coffin

  20. ted,your a no body. brash ass,You suck!, never thought you were any good.. And you thought you were a big shot ! Go away. No one will miss you!

  21. I love Ted Perry. He is a person of deep integrity. At Christmas, he rings the bell for Salvation Army. He deeply cares about Milwaukee and the people living in it.

  22. I am not a fan of cancel culture either but the comment goes beyond that. It is his job to be impartial for one thing, but more importantly, he publicly wished someone dead. It is really beside the point that this was directed to a Republican. I have watched Channel 6 my entire life and will never watch it again if he returns.

  23. My question is simple what does the stations code of conduct say in regards to social media? Once that is answered and he on the air apologizes then we can discuss cancel culture. Keep in mind he’s made death wishes before.

  24. When’s the last time you saw Ted Perry report any actual news that didn’t come from a press release? Local broadcast news is barely worth watching anymore. They have hours and hours of airtime to fill, but can only find time to talk about house fires, car accidents, and murders (all details come from a police/fire press release) or from some pre-planned event where they can simply set up a camera. They spend the majority of the time on the weather because it’s relatively cheap and easy to produce.

  25. Totallity needs to be considered. Indeed. I just wonder if intelligence is considered part of that totality. How smart can you be to post that -being a person who is most limely followed on FB page by many as he is a prominent figure. Honestly

  26. Fire Ted, if a conservative would of said that they would of been fired in the same hour of posting. Your ratings will tank if you don’t let liberal Ted go. Sick and tired of the double standards he should of know better. But then maybe Ted is not as smart as he think he is.

  27. Ted Perry has apologized. He is human, and who among us has never made a mistake? I believe there would be much less criticism if he worked at any other station than Fox. Ted cares about this community, and has done many things to help those in need. He is ” one of the good guys” who cares about people, the state and our country. We need to keep him around!!

  28. Ted’s partisan bias has been obvious. It’s that fact that he is on a supposed unbiased or conservative leaning that should give FOX6 pause in reviewing his employment.
    I personally am looking for a different news outlet. Join me.

  29. This isn’t the first time Perry has done something like this, he also made an inappropriate remark a number of years ago and overlooked. He can no longer be viewed as an unbiased, professional newscaster but rather an opinionated one. Channel 6 was my go to news but no longer, I refuse to watch if Ted Perry is on.

  30. Like a dog going back to its vomit, the left has to have its nose rubbed in to ‘cancel culture’ in order for there to be an agreement that the whole idea is wrong. As for this clown having learned his lesson, it is my understanding that this is not the first time he has done something like this. Sorry, but for there to be some hint of journalistic objectivity he has to go. Let his firing be an object lesson to the rest of the local media that they can’t act like Old Testament ‘Prophets of Baal’ and expect any sympathy from the public.

  31. Only a sick human being like Ted Perry would make a statement wishing the death of a person. I refuse to watch fox 6 with him in the anchor chair!

  32. I will not watch Fox 6 again if Ted Perry comes back on the air. My husband and I have both been long time 9 PM news watchers. We are usually in bed before the 10 PM news on the other channels come on. If channel 6 decides to bring him back on the air they should be ashamed of their self. We talk about black lives mattering well we feel as though ALL LIVES MATTER, including Mitch O’Connell’s.

  33. Personally, Mitch McConnell makes me sick. If he kicked the bucket I don’t think most people would care. That’s my opinion. Ted expressed his; he didn’t wish him dead any more than I did. Compared to Alex Trebek MM is a pathetic excuse for a man and should not be mentioned in the same sentence. His removal could only be a good thing. Neither Ted nor I suggest that he be killed. Go ahead and cry about it, don’t forget to call me names.

  34. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone deserves a second chance…the quote was on his personal Facebook account, though not private, still not the voice of his employer or being said during his on air work shift. Give the man his much deserved second chance


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