Friday, May 27, 2022
Friday, May 27, 2022

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Milwaukee Court Commissioner Gives Man Accused in Record-Breaking Murder $5,000 Bail

Areon Davis is accused of felony murder in the homicide of Calvin Moore, which broke Milwaukee’s historic homicide record.

Milwaukee County Court Commissioner Grace Flynn, whose notoriously low bail amounts have caused controversies for years, has given a man accused of felony murder in a record-breaking homicide, $5,000 bail over the objection of prosecutors.

His name is Areon Davis, and he’s accused of being a getaway driver in a homicide in which a man was shot in the head during the theft of his gun.

Areon Davis is Not in Jail

Sources have told WRN that prosecutors asked for $10,000 bail, but Commissioner Grace Flynn decided $5,000 was more appropriate for a man accused in a homicide case. Bail was posted later that day, and Areon Davis was released from custody.

Oh..but he was ordered not to possess any firearms.

Grace flynn

The low bail came on December 21, 2021, well after the Waukesha parade massacre suspect‘s meager Milwaukee bail amounts provoked national controversy. It also comes as Milwaukee has reached record homicide numbers this year.

Calvin moore
Calvin moore

In fact, the death of this victim (photographed here), Calvin D. Moore, 25, helped Milwaukee break its all-time historic homicide record this year. “That’s the most heartbreaking thing, that I lost my husband within five months of us getting married,” said Charlyn Wilder-Moore to Fox 6, which wrote a story about the murder breaking the city’s record for most murders in a year. “We were planning our future, and now, I have to try and make it without him.”


Grace flynn
Milwaukee county court commssioner grace flynn

Milwaukee County Court Commissioner Grace Flynn

It’s not the first time Flynn’s bail has provoked controversy. Milwaukee County Court Commissioner Grace Flynn was in the news in 2018 when a close friend of the parents of fallen Milwaukee police officer Charles Irvine wrote a letter criticizing her and another commissioner for giving a signature bond in a past case to Ladell Harrison, the man whose car Irvine was pursuing when his car flipped and the police officer died.

In addition, in December 2021, Fox News revealed that Grace Flynn gave a bank robbery defendant $1,000 bail.

In 2019, a judge criticized Grace Flynn for giving a man a signature bond who caused a standoff. In 2017, she received more negative media attention when it was revealed that the man accused of murdering housing inspector Greg “Ziggy” Zyszkiewicz was out on a signature bond from Flynn for a felony.

A 2012 article said Grace Flynn was already earning $111,862 a year. Court commissioners fly beneath the radar because they are appointed by the chief judge, after screening by a panel of several other officials, not elected by voters. The chief judge certifies commissioners each year.

The criminal complaint says that Areon Davis was charged with felony murder, party to a crime, for helping cause the death of “CDM” while committing armed robbery. He’s facing 55 years in prison on the felony.

Areon Davis Criminal Complaint

The complaint alleges:

“On December 13, 2021, Milwaukee Police Officers Andrew Gross and Travis Resczcynski responded to a shooting at 18th and W. Atkinson Ave., City of Milwaukee. Upon their arrival in that area, Officer Gross observed the body of an adult male on the sidewalk in front of 1808 W. Atkinson Ave. Officer Gross saw that the male appeared to have a gunshot wound to the head and the male was not breathing.

Officer Gross began to perform CPR on the male until the arrival of Milwaukee Fire Department personnel. The male was declared deceased. The male was identified as CDM, and his body was transported to the office of the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner.

Milwaukee Police Detective Craig Thimm responded to the location where CDM’s body was found, and conducted an investigation of the area to locate possible items of evidentiary worth. Det. Thimm, during that investigation, located and recovered, near the body of CDM, twelve 9mm cartridge casings.

On December 14, 2021, an autopsy was performed on the body of CDM. The autopsy was performed by Dr. Brian Linert. PSSI Michael Braunreiter witnessed the autopsy. PSSI Braunreiter reports that Dr. Linert, during the external examination of CDM, identified fifteen gunshot wounds, described as follows:

1. A penetrating gunshot wound to the head, specifically the left temple. The bullet was fired from an indeterminate range. The bullet travelled slightly front-to-back, left-to-right, and slightly upward.

2. A penetrating gunshot wound to the left side of the chest. The bullet was fired from an indeterminate range. The bullet travelled left-to-right and upwards. The bullet damaged the left jugular vein.

3. A penetrating gunshot wound to the left side of the abdomen. The bullet was fired from an indeterminate range. The bullet travelled front-to-back, left-to-right, and downward.

4. A complex perforating gunshot wound of the left arm and torso. The bullet was fired from an indeterminate range. The bullet stuck the left forearm, just below the elbow, travelled front-to-back, exited the arm, and then reentered the body on the left side of the chest. The bullet then exited the body at the right side of the back.

5. A perforating gunshot wound to the upper abdomen. The bullet travelled front-to-back, left-to-right, and upward. The bullet exited the body at the left side of the back.

6. A superficial perforating gunshot wound of the left side of the back. The bullet travelled left-to-right and downward. The bullet exited the body at the left side of the back.

7. A perforating gunshot wound of the left forearm. The bullet travelled back-to-front and downward, and exited the body at the left forearm.

8. A perforating gunshot wound of the right arm, just below the elbow. The bullet exited the body at the right arm, just above the elbow.

Dr. Linert determined that CDM died as a result of these gunshot wound and determined his death a homicide (death at the hands of another).

During the investigation of this homicide, Milwaukee Police Det. Mark Harms, interviewed S.M, the wife of CDM. S.M. provided the following information regarding the homicide of her husband:

1. They live in an apartment in the 1700 block of W. Atkinson Ave.

2. She had a phone call with her husband and he told her that he was going to the tobacco store for cigarettes. He does that every day. The store he goes to is located on Capitol and Atkinson. When her husband goes to the store, he carries a black handgun for protection. He carries the gun in his pants pocket or waist.

3. As her husband was walking home, he called her and told her that some guys in the tobacco store wanted to buy his gun.

4. Her husband told her that he refused to sell them his gun.

5. After her husband said that, there was dead air. She then heard a female saying “call 911 …he’s gone.”

During the investigation of this homicide, video recordings, made by several cameras, was recovered from Capitol Tobacco & Smoke Shop, 1903 W. Capitol Dr. The recovered video was reviewed by Milwaukee Police Detective Vincent Lopez and he observed the following:

1. The time stamp on the video is 3 hours and 2 minutes faster than actual time.

2. At 5:41:07 p.m. (video time stamp) (2:39 p.m. real-time), a black, four-door, vehicle, no front plate, tinted windows, sunroof, and damage to rear passenger’s side quarter panel, pulled into the parking lot and stopped, facing southeast.

3. At 5:41 :45 p.m. (2:39 real time), a black male gets out of the vehicle through the front
passenger’s side door, and walks toward the east-side door of the store. The person enters the store at 5:41:59 (2:39 real time).

4. At 5:43:03 p.m. (2:41 real time), CDM can be seen walking west, on the north side of Atkinson Ave.

5. At 5:43:14 p.m. (2:41 real time), a black male gets out of the vehicle through the front driver’s side door. This person then enters the store through the east-side door. Once inside the store, this person goes to the area of the store where the front-passenger was.

6. At 5:43:24 p.m. (2:41 real time), the rear passenger’s side window is lowered. Shortly
thereafter, that window is raised.

7. At 5:44:05 p.m. (2:42 real time), CDM walks across the store’s parking lot and enters the store through the east-side door.

8. Once inside of the store, CDM walks to the counter, where purchases are made. The person who got out of the vehicle through the driver’s door appears to exchange words with CDM.

9. At 5:44:59 p.m. (2:42 real time) the first person who got out of the vehicle exits the store through the east-side door and reenters the vehicle through the front passenger’s side door.

10. At 5:45:12 p.m. (2:43 real time), the second person who got out of the vehicle exits the store through the east-side door and reenters the vehicle through the front driver’s side door.

11. At 5:46:16 (2:44 real time), CDM exited the store through the west-side doors. He then turned south and walked toward the sidewalk on the north side of W. Atkinson Ave.

12. At 5:46:21 p.m. (2:44 real time), the vehicle started moving and drove south, through the lot. The vehicle then left the lot and started driving northwest on W. Atkinson Ave. When the vehicle got to the intersection of W. Atkinson Ave. and Capitol Dr., it was in the left turn lane. The vehicle, rather than turning left, the vehicle crossed the middle lane of W. Atkinson Ave. and then went east of Capitol Dr.

13. At 5:46:33 (2:44 real time), the shadow of CDM can be seen walking away from the store, heading toward Atkinson Ave. CDM is then seen walking southeast, on the north side of W. Atkinson Ave.

14. At 5:47 p.m. (2:45 real time), the above-described black vehicle is seen travelling east on Capitol drive and then pulling to the side, just east of 19th and Capitol Dr. Two people then get out of the vehicle, exiting through the rear driver’s side door. These two people then walk behind the vehicle and walk south, toward residence that are on Capitol Dr. The two people then go out of view of the recording (obscured by residences).

The vehicle remains parked in the location where it had stopped. The two people who had got out of the vehicle are again captured by the recording and they are walking toward Atkinson Ave. When they reach Atkinson Ave., they walk southeast, on the north side of W. Atkinson Ave. At this time, the two people who got out of the vehicle are behind CDM.

15. At 5:48:50 p.m. (2:46 real time), one of the two people who got out of the car can be seen running northwest on the north side of W. Atkinson Ave. This person then ran north, next to an apartment building. Shortly thereafter, the other person who got out of the vehicle can be seen running northwest on the north side of W. Atkinson Ave. This person then turns north.

16. At 5:49:50 p.m. (2:47 real time), the black vehicle moves forward and then stops. The two people who had gotten out of the vehicle and who were last seen going north (as described above) reentered the vehicle through the rear passenger’s side door. The vehicle then drove east on Capitol Dr.

Based upon this video, Areon Davis (defendant) was identified a likely being the person who had been driving the car, who had gotten out of the black vehicle through the driver’s side door, who had spoken to CDM inside of the store, and who had reentered the vehicle through the driver’s side door.

On December 16, 2021, Areon Davis was arrested at his home. The above-describe vehicle, identified as a black Honda Accord, was found parked near his house. On December 16 2021, Areon Davis was interviewed by Milwaukee Police Detectives Jeffrey Sullivan and Vincent Lopez. During that interview,

Davis provided the following information to the detectives:
1. The black Honda Accord, parked in front of his house is a car that he often drives and it
belongs to a person dating his sister.

2. When shown two pictures of himself, Davis identified the pictures as being pictures of himself, but he said that he did not know where they were taken. (The two pictures were from the December 13, 2021, video recordings from Capitol Tobacco & Smoke Shop, 1903 W. Capitol Dr.)

3. When shown a picture, also from the above-described video recordings, of the person who got out of the Accord through the front passenger’s door, Davis said that he did not know the person.

4. Davis said that he did not remember going to the Capitol Tobacco & Smoke Shop on December 13, 2021. When shown a picture of himself in the store with an apparent extended magazine clip sticking out of his pants’ pocket, Davis said it was a BB gun. When asked who else was in the Accord with him, Davis said that he did not remember.

5. Dets. Sullivan and Lopez then showed Davis a portion of the video recovered from Capitol Tobacco & Smoke Shop. After viewing what was shown to him, Davis identified the person who got out of the front passenger’s side door as being his cousin, and he provided his cousin’s name.

6. Davis continue to say that he did not know the two people who were in the back of his vehicle. He said that while in the store he talked to a person who asked him what type of gun he was carrying.

7. Davis initially said that after leaving the store, he turned west on Capitol from Atkinson. When shown the part of the video showing him turning east and parking just east of N. 19th St., Davis said that he stopped to let them out because they wanted to get out.

8. Davis said that the two people who got out of his car, while it was parked on Capitol Dr.,
returned a short time later and they were tired.

9. Davis then identified the two people who were in the back of his car. Initially, he provided the full name of one of the two and a nickname for the other.

10. Davis said that when the two people who were in the back seat of his car got out, both had guns.

11. Davis said after the two guys got out of his car, he stayed because he was their ride. He said that they told him they were going to “the guy’s crib” or something like that.

12. Davis said that while inside the store, he and a person in the store were talking about each other’s guns.

13. Davis said that one of the guys in the back seat mentioned that the person in the store had a “fat head.” Davis known this to mean the gun the person had.

14. Davis said that one of the two people in the back said that they were going to run over to the person and try to buy his gun.

15. Davis said that the two in the back seat asked him to pull over so they could jump out and take the person’s gun.

16. Davis said that after the two people returned to the car, they were tired and said they just took “dude’s gun.”

17. Det. Sullivan then restated the facts, as known at that time, including that Davis had parked a block away, the two backseat passengers left his car with guns and ran through the yards, and in response, Davis said the he knew they would take “his shit”, but he did not think they would be stupid enough to shoot him.

18. Davis said that they two people in the back seat told him that they took the gun.

19. When asked whose idea it was to rob the person, Davis said it was the two in the back seat. Davis said that they said they were going to take the gun.”

john tate petition

Victim’s Daughter Pleads With GOP Senators to Fire Tate, as Senator Roth Puts Forth New Petition

Nikkole Nelson was 2 years old when her father stabbed her mother 42 times, leaving...
Steve McCraw

Texas Public Safety Director: ‘Wrong Decision’ Not to Confront Uvalde Shooter Sooner

(The Center Square) – The commander in charge of the police response to Tuesday's mass shooting at an Uvalde elementary school made the "wrong decision" to not send officers into the classroom to confront the gunman who shot and killed 19 children and two fourth grade teachers, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw said Friday.

The chief of the Uvalde Consolidated School District Police Department, who was in charge of the initial response at Robb Elementary School, thought the shooter, 18-year-old Uvalde resident Salvador Ramos, was barricaded inside that classroom and that no other children were at risk, McCraw said.

“Obviously, based on the information we have, there were children in that classroom that were still at risk,” McCraw said. “From the benefit of hindsight where I’m sitting now, of course, it was not the right decision. It was the wrong decision. Period.”

Nearly 20 officers stood in a hallway outside of the classroom for more than 45 minutes before federal Border Patrol agents arrived and used a master key to open the door and kill the gunman, he said.

Outside the school, parents, neighbors and others said law enforcement waited close to an hour before confronting Ramos and killing him. Videos posted online showed a chaotic scene of parents pleading with officers who remained outside to enter the school as the active shooting incident was ongoing.

Victor Escalon, South Texas regional director in the Department of Public Safety, said at a Thursday news conference that the first officers on the scene did enter the school once they arrived but were shot at and began evacuating students and school personnel.

"Four minutes [after Ramos entered the school and began shooting students], local police departments, the Uvalde Police Department, the Independent School District Police Department are inside, making entry," Escalon said. "They hear gunfire, they take rounds, they move back, get cover. And during that time, they approach where the suspect is at."

After two officers were shot, Escalon said, law enforcement decided to start evacuating as many students and school personnel as they could.

About an hour after the shooting started, a tactical team from U.S. Border Patrol arrived, entered the building and killed the suspect, authorities said.

slinger middle school

Slinger Middle School: No Gun Found; Chief Says It Was a ‘Hoax’

An email sent to parents says a student may have yelled that they had a...
Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture & Echo Chambers, Where Democracy Dies

By: Paris ProcopisEver since the extreme Left started canceling everybody on the right, there was...
Janel Brandtjen Dean Knudson

Wisconsin State Rep. Janel Brandtjen Blasts Out-Going WEC Commissioner

(The Center Square) – One of Wisconsin’s top critics of the 2020 election in the state is not staying silent about the resignation of one of Wisconsin’s Election Commissioners.

Commissioner Dean Knudson on Wednesday resigned his seat on the state’s Election Commission out of frustration with the continued focus on the last presidential vote in Wisconsin.

“Integrity demands acknowledging the truth even when the truth is painful. In this case, the painful truth is that President Trump lost the election in 2020 – lost the election in Wisconsin in 2020. And the loss was not due to election fraud,” Knudson said during Wednesday’s WEC meeting.

Knudson is a former Republican lawmaker, and helped create the Wisconsin Elections Commission back in 2015.

"I'll put my conservative record up against anyone in the state of Wisconsin, and yet now I've been branded a RINO," Knudson added, employing the acronym for Republican In Name Only.

But Republican state Rep. Janel Brandtjen, R-Menomonee Falls, on Thursday questioned Knudson’s conservative bona fides.

“Wisconsin Election Commissioner Dean Knutson resigned yesterday citing lack of support from the GOP. He blamed conspiracy theories and misinformation about the 2020 election, but in reality, he simply didn’t do his job, which was to oversee the agency that Wisconsinites depend on for fair and honest elections,” Brandtken said.

Brandtjen has led one of the investigations into the 2020 election from her Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections since early 2021.

Brandtjen said Knudson allowed:

Bloated voter rolls to continue.Madison’s Democracy in the Park"Over $8 million in Zuckerberg money for targeted "get out the vote’ efforts.Ballot trafficking and drop boxes.Illegal suspension of special voting deputies, knowingly.WEC lawsuits against Justice Gableman and Brandtjen instead of cooperating with the investigations.

“Stripping our elections of the safety measures the legislature has put into statute is not what we expect from the Elections Commission; in fact, we expect the exact opposite,” Brandtjen added.

Knudson’s resignation means Republicans will have to appoint another commissioner. That search is underway.

His resignation also came as Commissioner Bob Spindell, who is a vocal 2020 election critic, is set to take over as commission chairman. That vote was supposed to happen Wednesday, but has now been postponed.

Senator Kapenga on John Tate: ‘I Don’t Know the Facts,’ Not Sure Wife Killer’s Release Was Egregious

"I don’t want to do knee-jerk reactions. I don’t know the facts," - State Sen....
Marissa Darlingh

Milwaukee School Counselor Under DPI Investigation For Opposition to Transgender Ideology

(The Center Square) – An elementary school counselor from Milwaukee is refusing to resign or change her mind about gender identity, even after the state opened an investigation that could cost her her job.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction sent Marissa Darlingh a letter on April 29, explaining that she was under investigation for what she said at a rally in Madison just six days before.

“DPI has opened an investigation to determine whether to initiate educator license revocation proceedings against you,” the letter stated. “It has been alleged that you engaged in immoral conduct.”

Darling was one of several speakers at a feminist rally in Madison on April 23 where she used a commonly expressed profanity repeatedly as she discussed transgenderism.

“I oppose gender ideology ever entering the walls of my school building,” Darling said. “Over my dead ... body will my students be exposed to the heart of gender identity ideology. Not a single one of my students under my ... watch will ever, ever transition socially, and sure as hell not medically.”

DPI’s letter said the investigation will “determine if there is probable cause to support allegations of immoral conduct.”

DPI gave Darlingh the option to resign ahead of the investigation, but Darlingh opted instead to fight.

On Wednesday, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty sent a letter to DPI that promises a lawsuit if the state tries to suspend Darlingh’s license because of her opposition to transgenderism or her use of profanity.

“The state is, quite simply, trying to punish a public-school counselor for her views on gender ideology. This is a classic, clear-cut, violation of the First Amendment and the state can expect a federal lawsuit if it proceeds,” WILL’s Luke Berg said.

Darling said she will not back down, and will not change her mind about transgenderism even after the investigation is complete.

“My views on the harms of gender ideology to children are informed by a desire to serve and protect children,” Darling said in a statement. “That’s why I got into education. I will love and serve every child under my care, no matter what. But I won’t recant under threat from the state.”

RNC 2024

Liberal Groups & Labor Unions Want Milwaukee to Reject RNC 2024 Bid

(The Center Square) – A number of Wisconsin’s progressive advocates and big labor unions want Milwaukee to abandon plans to host the Republican National Convention because they don’t like Republicans’ politics.

Voces de la Frontera Action, Power to the Polls, the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, Never Again is Now, and SEIU all signed on to an open letter Tuesday asking Milwaukee’s city council to reject a contract that would be necessary for Milwaukee to host the RNC in 2024.

“We the undersigned community organizations want to send a clear message to city, county and state leaders: the Republican National Convention is not welcome in Milwaukee,” the groups wrote. “The Republican Party, both nationally and in Wisconsin, has become an organization that supports White Supremacists, the violent attempted coup at the US Capitol to overthrow a democratic election, and continues to engineer new ways to undermine fair and democratic elections.”

The open letter comes as city leaders in Milwaukee are set to vote on the RNC contract on Wednesday.

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson on Tuesday said the city can host the Republican convention without endorsing the Republican Party’s political views.

"I think that the RNC presents a tremendous opportunity for us in Milwaukee," Johnson told reporters. "I think it presents a great opportunity for Milwaukee to be in the national conversation, to be a city that other large conventions and other large events look to. I want the RNC to be the bedrock for a new and stronger convention and tourism economy that we can build here in the city of Milwaukee."

Johnson said his support for the RNC is a “business decision.”

CJ Szafir with the Institute for Reforming Government said the opposition is “on-brand” from progressives and big labor in the state

“It's terribly disappointing that progressive and labor groups are opposed to Milwaukee hosting an event that could bring up to 45,000 visitors to the city, creating as much as $200 million in economic impact. This would directly benefit Milwaukee small businesses and workers, which ironically is who these groups claim to care about,” Szafir told The Center Square. “A political convention is one of the great American historic events and to have the RNC come to Milwaukee in 2024 would give Milwaukee the global spotlight that it deserves. This should get bipartisan support.”

Milwaukee and Nashville, Tennessee are the final two cities in the running for hosting the RNC in 2024. A decision on the winning city is expected later this summer.

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Scarlett Johnson to State GOP: Fight The Woke, Not Each Other

What precedent have we set? If a candidate can't win an endorsement, they must simply...
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WRN Op-Ed: Wisconsin Senate Republicans & Democrats: Have You No Shame at ALL?

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Murder Victim’s Family to GOP Senators: ‘We Are Crying Out for Help…Do Your Jobs’

"We are crying out for help...HOW CAN YOU SIT BACK AND DO NOTHING!!!!"That is the...
Wisconsin Republican Convention results

Kleefisch, Toney, Testin Dominate Fields at Republican Convention

The state party did not endorse any candidates except pastor Orlando Owens for state treasurer.Rebecca...
Sheriffs Slam Jarchow

Wisconsin Sheriffs Slam Jarchow For Campaign of ‘Lies and Misleading Attacks’

A group of 11 sheriffs from around Wisconsin slammed Republican attorney general candidate Adam Jarchow...
Bear Market Walmart Earnings

Stock Market Flirts With Bear Market; Americans Fear Recession

(The Center Square) – The stock market came back from a midday drop on Friday, the day ending with the S&P 500 Index 18.6% below the record high set in early January.

A bear market would have begun if the decline reached 20%.

The stock market tumble is a continuation from declines earlier this week, a week that saw record high gas prices continue to rise. Other contributing factors in the index most closely associated with workers 401(k) accounts are rising interest rates, inflation, the war in Ukraine and China's economy.

“Since 1928, the S&P 500 has had 1 bear market every 4 years on average,” Charlie Bilello, founder of Compound Capital Advisors, wrote on Twitter. “With the S&P down 20% from its peak in January, this is now the 3rd bear market we've experienced in less than 4 years.”

New polling shows the majority of Americans expect a recession as energy prices and inflation continue to soar. Quinnipiac University released new polling this week that showed most Americans are pessimistic about the nation’s economic future.

“The overwhelming majority of Americans (85 percent) think it is either very likely (45 percent) or somewhat likely (40 percent) that there will be an economic recession in the next year, while 12 percent think it is either not so likely (8 percent) or not likely at all (4 percent),” the poll said.

Overall, Americans did not think the economy was doing well before the stock market declines this week.

“Roughly 1 in 5 Americans (19 percent) say the state of the nation's economy these days is either excellent (2 percent) or good (17 percent), while 4 in 5 Americans (80 percent) say it's either not so good (34 percent) or poor (46 percent),” the poll reported. “This is Americans' most negative description of the state of the nation's economy in a Quinnipiac University poll since President Biden took office.”

Kaul chisholm

AG Kaul, Milwaukee County DA Chisholm Keep Non-Prosecution Records Secret as Crime Explodes

With the violence in the Deer District, it's even more important that the public learn...
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Brad Schimel: Adam Jarchow Bill Would ‘Serve the Interests of Criminals’

The Jarchow bill was so poorly conceived that it earned the strenuous opposition of the...
University School of Milwaukee

Obama Sister-in Law Sent ‘Incessant Series…of Disrespectful Emails,’ USM Alleges in New Motion

Michelle and Barack Obama's sister-in-law sent an "incessant series of lengthy, misguided, and often disrespectful...
Destroying The Institutions

Justice Clarence Thomas: ‘We Are in Danger of Destroying The Institutions … Required For a Free Society’

(The Center Square) – It’s been two weeks and there’s still no word on who leaked the U.S. Supreme Court draft brief indicating that the court was set to overturn Roe V. Wade and returning the issue of abortion back to the states.

At a recent event in Dallas, Texas, hosted by the American Enterprise Institute, the Hoover Institution, and the Manhattan Institute, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas spoke about the leak and his concern for the rule of law and credibility of the court.

A roughly 8-minute clip of his talk was published by C-SPAN, in which he said, “I think we are in danger of destroying the institutions that are required for a free society. You can’t have a civil society, a free society without a stable legal system.

“You can’t have one without stability in things like property or interpretation and impartial judiciary. I’ve been in this business long enough to know just how fragile it is.”

Prior to the draft opinion being leaked this year, Thomas said it was impossible to think that even one line of one opinion would be leaked by anyone.

“No one would ever do that,” he said. “There’s such a belief in the rule of law, belief in the court, belief in what we were doing, that that was beyond anyone’s understanding or at least anyone's imagination, that someone would do that.”

Now, “look where we are,” he said. “That trust and belief is gone forever. When you lose that trust, especially in the institution that I’m in, it changes the institution fundamentally. You begin to look over your shoulder. It's like kind of an infidelity, that you can explain it, but you can't undo it.”

New York University professor Melissa Murray holds a similar sentiment. She told the New York Times last week that the leak “violates the omertà that traditionally has shrouded the court’s deliberations. To the public, this not only looks like the kind of maneuvering that we’ve come to expect from politicians, it also strips the court of the mystique it has generally enjoyed.”

Meanwhile, Chief Justice John Roberts’ reputation is also at stake. He has a lot riding on whether or not the leaker is identified and punished, Dan McLaughlin at National Review Online notes.

“John Roberts’s Court is at stake here,” he argues. “If decisions can be leaked in draft form with impunity in order to influence their outcomes, this will become a regular feature of high-profile cases, placing the Court under even worse pressures and threats than already exist.”

The Supreme Court isn’t the only institution that’s changing, Thomas said. Universities, colleges, law schools have all changed over the last few decades. Today, the climate on most campuses doesn’t allow for peaceful debate of differing views, instead policies of censorship are creating a “chilling effect” on speech.

He recently met with students attending the University of Georgia, where he said students expressed that they can’t publicly affirm pro-life or traditional family views because of the climate on campus.

At Yale Law School, his alma mater, students could once freely speak about anything, “it was anything goes, you do your thing I do my thing,” he said. Now. there’s censorship, he said.

"I wonder how long we're going to have these institutions at the rate we're undermining them,” Thomas said. “And then I wonder when they're gone or they are destabilized, what we'll have as a country – and I don't think that the prospects are good if we continue to lose them."

Milwaukee Emergency Curfew Milwaukee Shooting Press Conference

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson’s Emergency Curfew Order Led to ZERO Tickets

The emergency curfew order also had no teeth because the jail won't take people arrested...