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Home Breaking News West Bend Man Claimed 12 Marines Kidnapped His Girlfriend

West Bend Man Claimed 12 Marines Kidnapped His Girlfriend

12 Marines Kidnapped His Girlfriend

A West Bend man claimed his girlfriend was kidnapped by 12 Marines.

According to West Bend Police, on Nov. 24, at 1:58 p.m., officers responded to the 1400 block of South 7th Avenue after a man, 46, flagged down a motorist and said his girlfriend had been kidnapped by 12 Marines.

Officers located the man, identified as Johnathan D Siegel, intoxicated, and discovered he had fired a gun from his residence to scare off the “kidnappers,” police said.

Officers recovered the gun and confirmed no one had been kidnapped.

West Bend Police told WRN that Siegel in fact did not have a girlfriend and lived at the residence alone.

Seigel was charged on Nov 29 by the Washington County District Attorney’s Office for one count of Endangered Safety Use of a Dangerous Weapon, and one count of Operate Firearm While Intoxicated. Both misdemeanors.

This story was first reported by Washington County Insider.

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