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Kenosha County Conservative Candidates: 2023 Spring Republican Voter Guide


The 2023 Spring election is on April 4th. Here is the list of Kenosha County conservative candidates put out by the Kenosha County Republican Party.

2023 Spring Kenosha County Conservative Candidates

Kenosha county conservative candidatesKenosha county conservative candidates: 2023 spring republican voter guide


Kenosha County has seen substantial growth over the past decade, with an overall population increase of 11%. According to the Wisconsin Department of Administration, Kenosha County saw improvements in law enforcement services and public safety due to this population surge. As a result, Samantha Kerkman was elected as the county executive in March 2008. Kerkman has worked closely with the Wisconsin Department of Administration and other local departments to ensure that the voting process is fair and secure. The Wisconsin Department has also provided technical assistance throughout the election process.    Show Source Texts

Serving Kenosha County, the Kenosha County Clerk was pleased to announce that on April 5th of this year, Samantha Kerkman was elected as the county executive. Ms. Kerkman is a former Democratic State Representative and is now the first female executive in the history of Kenosha County. She will be replacing former county executive Jim Kreuser, who served for 8 years and is now retiring. This election marks Ms. Kerkman as not only the first female but also the fifth overall Executive since 1968 when Dale Thompson held office for 24 years until his retirement in 1992. On Tuesday, April 5th of 2021 voters from across Kenosha County showed up to vote for their new county executive and decided on Samantha Kerkman’s candidacy.    Show Source Texts

The village board of Salem Lakes was also up for election and had three board members, who were voted in. An election inspector served as the board president, and a chief election officer was appointed to oversee the partisan election. Voters could choose among five trustees, who ran for office. Curbside voting was available for voters who needed assistance due to a disability or another need. Polling stations were open across the county all day long so voters could cast their ballots at their convenience.    Show Source Texts

The results of the election in Kenosha County have come in, and they are as expected. Donald Trump won the county’s first consecutive victories in the last 16 years with an outright majority. Voters across Kenosha County have once again shown confidence in Trump and the GOP party by giving him their support this time around.    Show Source Texts

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Jim Piwowarczyk is an investigative journalist and co-founder of Wisconsin Right Now.

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