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Jessica McBride

Jessica McBride
Jessica McBride, a Wisconsin Right Now contributor, is a national award-winning journalist and journalism educator with more than 25 years in journalism. Jessica McBride’s journalism career started at the Waukesha Freeman newspaper in 1993, covering City Hall. She was an investigative, crime, and general assignment reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for a decade. Since 2004, she has taught journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her work has appeared in many news outlets, including (where she is a contributor reaching millions of readers per month),, WTMJ, WISN, WUWM,,, Milwaukee Magazine, Nightline, El Conquistador Latino Newspaper, Japanese and German television, Channel 58, Reader’s DigestTwist (magazine)Wisconsin Public Radio, BBC, Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, and others. 

Ee Lee Homicide: Extreme Brutality Detailed in New Criminal Complaint

Two Milwaukee teenagers beat a defenseless, homeless Hmong woman with tree branches, gang raped, stomped, body slammed, and kicked her, and filmed themselves laughing while they did it all, a newly filed criminal complaint alleges. They are accused of raping the woman with such brutality that a sexual assault nurse told police she had never seen an injury so bad.

Chief Morales Demotion Investigation: Missing Documents & Failed Interview Requests

"Testimonial evidence suggests that on at least two occasions the Board’s decision to demote the chief was exclusively based on an apparent assertion by...

Evers Proposes Legalizing Marijuana & Taxing It ‘Like Alcohol’ [TAKE POLL]

Gov. Tony Evers has proposed legalizing marijuana in the State of Wisconsin and taxing it "like alcohol."Do you agree or disagree? Take our poll:

Two Milwaukee Teens Arrested in Vicious Murder of Ee Lee

The Sheriff’s Department says the investigation “remains active.”Two Milwaukee teenagers, ages 17 and 15, are under arrest in the vicious beating attack and murder...

National Association of Realtors Posts Chair’s Video With N Word, Racial Slurs

Matt Difanis, the chair of the professional standards committee for the National Association of Realtors, created a YouTube video "Is the Status Quo Really...

Milwaukee Alderwoman Wants City to Pay Residents to Shovel Plowed In Driveways

Previously, two aldermen, Khalif Rainey and Russell Stamper, chastised the city for its snow removal on Feb. 2.Hey, it's Wisconsin. Snowplows come through, and...

EXCLUSIVE: Waukesha County Sheriff Severson on Joseph Mensah Hiring Decision

"I got a guy that even with all he's going through, he still wants to work. He still wants to go out and help...

As a Waukesha County Resident, I Welcome Joseph Mensah to Protect Our County

"As a resident of Waukesha County, I feel perfectly safe having Mensah protect me and all residents of the county."I live in Waukesha County,...

Milwaukee Police Officer Positions Plummet 18% as City Leaders Decimate MPD

Response times for most priority calls have jumped.Milwaukee city leaders are systematically decimating the Milwaukee Police Department. We requested the number of sworn officers...

Conner Hjellming: La Crosse Officer Praised for Compassion

The total value of the hat and gloves was $9.47, however the compassion Officer Conner Hjellming showed that day is invaluable.What's $9.47? – Compassion.That's...


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