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Good Samaritan Aren Johnson Helps Chase Down Alleged Drunk Driver

Aren Johnson. Credit Police release

This Good Samaritan is being praised by a local Police Department. It happened in Livingston, Louisiana. Sheriff Jason Ard was so impressed by the actions of a man named Aren Johnson that he decided to share the positive news on Facebook.

“Incredible…” Sheriff Ard’s post started. It continued:

This guy is named Aren Johnson. Over the weekend, we were called to a motor vehicle crash on Hwy 42. This young man voluntarily jumped in to help.

Here’s what happened: While en route to the crash, deputies were informed the male driver flipped his truck multiple times almost hitting another vehicle nearby. That driver then fled the scene on foot. An off-duty deputy from a neighboring parish & Aren Johnson witnessed the events unfolding in real time. They pursued the male. Johnson – despite having a pre-existing lung condition – ran for approximately 1/2 a mile before catching the fleeing driver and holding him until deputies arrived on scene. Aren was examined by medical professionals. He is in great shape.

That’s dedication. That’s amazing.Thank you, Aren for supporting our LPSO deputies.

Follow up: The male driver was later arrested for Operating While Intoxicated by Louisiana State Police.

People Commented That They Appreciated the Actions of Aren Johnson & the Positive News

People filled up the Police Department’s comment thread with positive reaction. “Thank you for helping the police. We need more people like you!!!” wrote one woman.

“Find your local volunteer fire department and sign up. We need guys like you,” a man wrote. “He probably saved someone’s life and hopefully the driver will get some help,” a woman commented.

Another woman spoke for many when she wrote: “Thank you for continuing to serve your community! It’s good to actually hear Good things on FB for a change!”

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