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Gov. Evers: Banning Transgender Surgeries for Children Has Nothing To Do With Protecting Kids

tony evers rainbow pride flag
Tony Evers and the rainbow pride flag

Wisconsin’s governor is criticizing Republican lawmakers for not following science and what he is calling an “antipathy” toward LGBTQ people.

The governor said in an interview with WisEeye he will veto the Republican-backed plan to ban sex change operations and hormone therapy for children in Wisconsin.

“I didn’t realize that the legislature had the ability to know more about that issue than the physicians that are with those kids,” Gov. Tony Evers said.

Both the Wisconsin Assembly and the State Senate this month passed legislation that would ban transgender procedures for children.

Wisconsin Right Now published a multipart series exploring gender treatments in Wisconsin hospitals.

Republicans said the idea is to give young people and their families time to “hit the pause button.”

“What this bill does is it grants minors the time for their minds to develop in order to make the right choice for them at the appropriate developmental age,” Rep. Scott Allen, R-Waukesha, said. “I want to make clear that this bill does not prohibit social transitioning and it does not affect adults. It allows minors the chance to hit the pause button before making a significant choice.”

Evers said the Republican focus on transgender procedures for children, and another plan that would ban trans athletes from girls sports in the state, has nothing to do with protecting kids.

“Let’s follow the science. The science is not what they’re talking about,” Evers said. “They’re talking about more of an issue that is not science-based. It really has nothing to do with the medicine, it has to do with their LGBTQ apathy, frankly.”

Evers has promised to veto both the transgender procedures for minors ban and the ban on biological boys playing girls sports.

“So no, that won’t go anywhere,” Evers said. “I continue to support the LGBTQ kids. They struggled mightily to begin with, and then to have this be the issue that the legislature feels that they have to weigh in on. I think it’s ridiculous. They aren’t the experts, and the experts are saying ‘Let the parents and the kids work with us, and we’ll figure it out.’”

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