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Biden Bribery Allegations: Read FD-1023 Form Released by House Oversight Committee

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“It cost 5 (million) to pay one Biden, and 5 (million) to another Biden” – allegation in the document

An FD-1023 form accusing President Joe Biden of being involved in a $5 million bribery scheme with his son, Hunter, and a Burisma executive, has been released by the U.S. House Oversight Committee.

In a tweet, the House Oversight Committee wrote, “The FD-1023 form alleging then-Vice President JOE BIDEN was involved in a $5,000,000 bribery scheme with a Burisma executive has been released by @ChuckGrassley.”

Read the full documents here:

The form was released as two IRS whistleblowers have testified that their investigation into Hunter Biden was stymied by DOJ officials, who ended up entering a plea bargain with Hunter Biden for misdemeanor offenses. It’s also worth noting that President Donald Trump was impeached for urging the Ukrainian president to investigate Hunter and Joe Biden under threat of withheld military aid.

The document is dated June 30, 2020 and describes a contact with a confidential source whose name is redacted.
The source reported meeting with Burisma executives in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2015-2016.

During the Obama/Biden administration, the source was first introduced to officials at Ukraine natural gas business Burisma Holdings through Oleksander Ostapenko, the document says, although part of that sentence is blacked out.

They traveled to Ukraine and went to Burisma’s office to discuss Burisma’s interest in purchasing a US-based oil and gas business for purposes “of merging it with Burisma for purposes of conducting an IPO in the US,” the document says.

At this meeting Vadim Pojarskii, Burisma’s CFO, asked the source whether the source was aware of Burisma’s Board of Directors.

He said that the board included the former president or prime minister of Poland and Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and that they hired Hunter Biden to “protect us through his dad, from all kinds of problems.”

Pojarskii said Hunter Biden was not smart, and they wanted to get additional counsel.

In 2016, there was a meeting with the source, Ostapensko and Mykola Zlochevsky in Vienna. Zlochevsky is Burisma’s CEO and founder.

Around this time, Joe Biden made a public statement about the former Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin being corrupt and that he should be fired/removed from office. The contact told Zlochevsky that due to Shokin’s investigation into Burisma, which was made public at this time, “it would have a substantial negative impact on Burisma’s prospective IPO in the United States.

Zlochevsky replied something to the effect of, “Don’t worry Hunter will take care of all of those issues through his dad.”
The contact advised Zlochevsky it would be problematic to raise capital in the US given Shokin’s investigation into Burisma as nobody in the US would invest in a company that was the subject of a criminal investigation.

“CHS suggested it would be best if Burisma simply litigate the matter in Ukraine, and pay some attorney $50,000. Zlochevky said he/Burisma would likely lose the trial because he could not show that Burisma was innocent; Zlochevsky also laughed at CGS’s number of 450,000 (not because of the small amount,but because the number contained a ‘5’) and said that ‘it cost 5 (million) to pay one Biden, and 5 (million) to another Biden.”

It was unclear whether these alleged payments were already made.

Zlochevsky said that although Hunter Biden “was stupid and his (Zlochevsky’s dog was smarter” that Zlochevsky needed to keep Hunter Biden (on the board) “so everything will be okay.”

The contact asked whether Hunter or Joe Biden told Zlochevsky he should retain Hunter Biden and Zlochevsky replied, “They both did.”

After the 2016 election, Zlochevsky replied in a phone call that he was not happy Trump won the election. He said he did not want to pay the Bidens and he was “pushed to pay” them. He said nobody would find out about his financial dealing with the Bidens.

Zlochevsky replied he has many text messages and “recordings” that show he was coerced to make such payments.

Zlochvesky, in another meeting, said he did not send any funds directly to the “Big Guy,” understood as a reference to Joe Biden. He said it would take investigators “10 years to find the records (i.e. illicit payments to Joe Biden).

The source said Zlochevsky has 17 recordings involving the Bidens, two including Joe Biden and 15 with Hunter Biden. He also stated he has two documents.

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