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Biden’s Open Border Policy Will Bankrupt Cities, States & the Federal Government [OPINION]

Migrant Students Abbott's Defense of the Border

7.5 million illegals have crossed the border to-date according to one report and the country is on track for another estimated 2.5 million before Biden leaves office due to Title 42 expiring.

That’s 10 million illegal aliens that have marched on our nation, more than any battle of WWII as far as I could determine.

But it’s not just the illegal border crossings, it’s also the fallout from absorbing that many more aliens than our nation has resources to handle.

Homeless: It’s not difficult to understand the massive homeless problem every major city has now. It’s like the UW admitting thousands more students with no plan for housing them; it causes shortages, higher rents, homelessness.

It’s one reason why New York City says they have filled 120 hotels full of homeless individuals.

Likewise, Madison has filled up numerous hotels and buildings with no long-term plan for
integrating those individuals into society or actually solving the problem.

Crime: Without jobs, the aliens can’t feed themselves, so they steal. A restaurant that I leased to by East Towne Mall told me the reason they didn’t renew their lease is because the homeless residing in the hotel across the street would come in and repeatedly steal food, driving away customers and putting the restaurant out of business. After 20 years, he just gave up.

Crime is out of control in our cities.

Drugs: The aliens are muling drugs across the border, poisoning our children and Americans of all stripes.

Lower Wages: Law abiding citizens or work visa holders are seeing their wages being put under pressure with the flood of cheap labor. Except law abiding companies can’t hire illegal aliens because they are not documented, but unscrupulous companies do, and that pushes wages down because they don’t pay market wages. This also means that lawfully admitted non- citizens will see the wages decline soon. That’s not fair to those who made the effort to follow the law.

Result: Cities like San Francisco are emptying out of tax paying citizens and companies. As
more companies move out, they take employment and tax base with them leaving vacancies (=reduced assessments). The next stage then becomes the retail stores and restaurants that close up due to a lack of customers as downtown employment dries up (= more reduced assessments). Just like many stores on State Street in Madison that have closed permanently due to being looted and trashed three times by lawless protestors, as more and more residents and businesses leave, the city tax collections decline, leaving the remaining properties with ever higher taxes in order to feed the government beast.

It’s an economic death spiral.

Then things get even worse, as New York and Chicago have already found. As more illegals
arrive in the city, more and more services are needed to house them, feed them, police them, etc., which costs more tax dollars. Assuming cities, states and the federal government spend only $50,000 per illegal, that would cost the rest of us $500 Billion! Billon, with a B. The real cost is probably double to triple that given other costs like policing the border, so figure the cost is easily $1 to $1.5 Trillion per year!

Biden’s open border policy will bankrupt cities, states and the federal government.The

Environment: And have you seen the rivers of trash piled high by the border as aliens discard what they don’t need? Or consider San Fransisco with the streets littered with trash, human waste, needles, and the like. Biden is literally creating an environmental disaster not seen since WWII, but of course, the media and the environmentalists stay silent. “Nothing tosee here,” as character Frank Drebin said in ‘Naked Gun’ while standing in front of a burning building that collapses.

Millions are lining up at the border…and the Democrats do nothing.

Remember, there’s a whole homeless industry now that will expand even more to provide for all these illegals. The old adage is true: if you build it, they will come. Likewise, if you don’t build it, they won’t come. Illegals are going to go where the services and the free housing are. Hint, hint.

This opinion piece was written by Terrence R. Wall.

T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!

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