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Biden Red Background Memes & Jokes Hit the Internet

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Biden red background memes hit the Internet.

Biden red background memes hit Twitter.

President Joe Biden chose a dramatic red background for his speech trashing “MAGA Republicans” on Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022, but it didn’t create the effect he intended.

In fact, the Biden speech red background reminded a lot of people on Twitter of the gates of hell. Others noted that Biden’s fury didn’t exactly add up to unity. And some people pointed out that Biden was directing his anger at many fellow Americans.

People shouted “let’s go Brandon” during the speech.

But the Biden red background went viral:

“There’s no question that the Republican Party today is dominated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans,” Biden said in the speech at Independence Hall. The Hall was also lit up by blue lights, but when the camera was focused on Biden, all you could see was red.

“Much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal,” said Biden.

Wisconsin GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels tweeted, “President Biden’s bitter campaign speech tonight spoke to his base and his allies in the mainstream media who televised his 30 minute campaign commercial for free. I’m sure they loved it. He listed grievances of the past, but ask yourself why was the speech given now?”


Kimberly Guilfoyle tweeted, “In November, MAGA Republicans will lead us to the biggest red wave in the history of our country & we will win the battle for the soul of our nation!”

“Biden is the most condescending president of my lifetime,” Nikki Haley tweeted. “He’s done nothing to unite the nation. Nothing to bring healing. Nothing to alleviate the pain millions of Americans feel everyday. He’s been a divider in chief and come November he must hear from all of us.”

Ari Fleischer tweeted, “Biden is the most divisive, over the top, rhetorically vile, bumbling, inarticulate president in history.”


Tom Cotton wrote, “After much soul searching, President Biden has decided the greatest threat to American values are his political opponents.”

Some people were calling Biden “Dark Brandon.”

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