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Campaign 2024: Predicting a ‘Disruption Event’ [Up Against the Wall]

Trump Dominates GOP 2024 Field

Let’s face it, the Iowa caucuses are only a short three weeks away, and Trump is in the lead. In 2015, 15 months before his election, I predicted Trump would win. That was a taking a leap of faith then, but regular joes on the street were whispering to me they intended to vote for him.

This year, it’s a little more difficult. Yes, he’ll likely be the party nominee, but whether he’ll be on the ballot or in prison or bankrupted by that crazy as* NY prosecutor who got herself elected by promising to prosecute Trump, is a lot more difficult to predict.

One thing is for sure. The Republican Party should do everything it can to keep the other backup candidates in the race for the nomination. Why? Because a.) This isn’t a track race where it’s every man (or woman) for himself. It’s the Tour de France – it’s a race where your teammates are supposed to block the wind and block opponents for you, where they’re supposed to run down and run ragged the team leader’s primary adversary, wearing him down.

These other teammates can help keep the criticism off Trump – and keep the party focused on knocking down Biden, although Biden seems pretty good at doing that himself! And b.) having a backup plan may be a good idea since the country knows that the Democrats will come up with something new if they don’t have Trump in prison or broken by August.

Example: The recent court ruling in Colorado kicking him off the spring primary ballot looks horrible, until you realize Trump won in 2016 without winning Colorado. Plus, once Trump’s attorneys file their appeal by Jan. 4, the decision is stayed and he’s back on the ballot.

But anyone can guess that the opposition party has more states they want to kick him off the ballot in. Don’t tell me they don’t steal elections. (The word for the week “Steal, as in Democrats try to steal another election.” Repeat.)

Another reason to have backup candidates is because if the field is narrowed to just Trump, I think there is even greater reason for the Dems to pick a different horse than Biden. They feel they can beat Trump with a different candidate, so if Trump is the defacto candidate, then they’ll feel the burn to dump Biden even sooner.

The leftists think they are going to either lock Trump up or knock him down enough that some voters won’t vote for him, yet Trump gains momentum with each new attack on him. Why?

First, because every voter knows they will be next if the Dems get away with their attacks on a presidential candidate. Americans believe in a fair fight, and Democrats’ attacks on Trump don’t come across as fair, and that is the reason their game is backfiring on them.

To really understand Trump is to think like the developer he has spent his life as. Most developers aren’t in the business long unless they fight like hell, never ever never give up, and are incredibly stubborn and tenacious. When they attack a developer, you’re likely to see him double down on his efforts to fend off the attacks. Developers are used to fighting against neighborhood groups and Negative Nancies, and they don’t go away easily. It’s like poking momma bear when she’s protecting her cubs, she’ll become ferocious and lash back – even launching an attack when it may not make sense to you. That’s a developer. It’s just in Trump’s nature to never give up. He knows he couldn’t live with himself if he did.

Black Swan Event

I agree with Catherine Herridge that 2024 is going to bring a black swan event; something unpredictable that will create another worldwide crisis. But I’ll go farther and speculate that it will most likely be manufactured event, maybe another pandemic, maybe the Dems will encourage China to attack Taiwan, who knows, but it’ll happen.

The Border

The word for next week is invasion, as in the U.S. is being invaded by millions of illegal aliens. So far I calculate that the country is on pace for 3.6 million more illegals this coming year alone, on top of the estimated six to eight million that have already come in last year. That’s about 12 to 15 million under Biden’s open border policy. If this were an invading army, it would be about one-tenth the size! I can’t imagine how many Chinese communist spies are entering in preparation to launch disruption events on American targets leading into China’s attack on Taiwan. And that’s 12-15 million more homeless who have to turn to crime to survive.

Middle East

Don’t forget that there have been over 100 reported attacks on U.S. military targets in recent months with no response, that’s right, zero response from Biden’s handlers until Dec. 26. (I guess they were too busy wrapping gifts, oh wait, they’re probably atheist.) What kind of message does that send China and every terrorist organization?

And remember, it’s not a coincidence that Hamas attacked Israel with Iran’s help after Biden handed Iran billions of dollars.

Senate Race

Assuming Eric Hovde gets into the Senate race, (I’d say everyone would agree with that assumption), Hovde taking that seat away from Baldwin could be the difference between winning control of the Senate for the Republicans or not. It’s probably the most important race in the country after the presidency.

So much to consider in the new year!

On October 18 and November 23, 2023 Donald Trump posted on Trump’s Truth Social account T. Wall’s October 6th column on Trump’s property valuations. T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!

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