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Dems Thrive on Chaos. What’s Next? [Up Against the Wall Column]

dems thrive on chaos
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Democrats thrive on chaos. (Well, at least the elites and party members, maybe not so much the general public Dems.)

Look at COVID. The liberal elites saw an opportunity to hijack the election by shutting down the country, threatening to lock up citizens while letting the rioters and looters go free – all to create chaos.

Look at the Wisconsin Supreme Court. In a matter of just days, the four liberals justices (can we even call them justices when they are now alleged lawbreakers?) created total chaos in order to try to hijack control that they are not legally entitled to – rather than waiting until 2025 when they could vote in a new Chief Justice. (How quickly they forget Shirley Abrahamson holding onto the Chief Justice slot – not out of majority vote, but simply because she was the oldest on the court, serving as Chief for 19 years, many times when she was in the minority.)

But ahh, how the liberals love to change the rules to suit their own desires.

Remember the Act 10 protests? Those weren’t spontaneous outbursts by the citizens of Wisconsin – those were well-choreographed and planned demonstrations with dozens of busloads of out-of-state taxpayer-paid public employees bused in to make it look like a majority in Wisconsin was against Act 10. (I know, I was there and I saw the out-of-state license plates on the buses.) Again, creating chaos to scare the good people of our state into doing what they want.

For the Dems, it’s all about creating fear; “Get the vaccine or you’re gonna die!”; Vote against Act 10 or you’re gonna die and we’ll smash your capitol; give money or control over to BLM or we’ll smash and loot and burn your cities, etc.

Create chaos within and around the Trump campaign and even during his term as president in order to minimize his effectiveness and prevent him from implementing his goals.

Every time we turn around, it’s more fear-mongering by the left, all in the name of getting what they want – which is more power and money from you.

Look at the upcoming 2024 election – the Dems aren’t even waiting – they’re johnny on the spot with a campaign of chaos against Trump – filing dozens of bogus charges against a political opponent just like in third world countries. And make no mistake about it. They intend to lock him up in prison as soon as they can, just like they do in Russia. What makes our nation so different from Russia with Biden in charge? Even the ‘state’ police, er, I mean, the FBI and the SS, err, I mean, the Justice Department are all in on the act. Even the leftist media can’t deny the cover-up, which is why you are starting to see anti-Biden letters to the editor and other Dems speaking up about jettisoning Biden from the campaign. (Too bad his puppet handlers are hell-bent on making sure they, er, I mean, Biden is re-elected so they can keep their power, running the country into the ground.)

So why am I saying this? Because the Dems are testing out different methods of chaos right now for 2024. Sometime next year we’ll find out what their plans for creating chaos during the next election will be. Will it be COVID-24? Charge and lock up other Republican candidates who gain traction if Trump is distracted? Who knows, but it’s coming.

With lawless 4-horsewomen on the Supreme Court, they don’t intend to stay still; they’re going to allow all kinds of lawsuits to try to overturn a whole variety of laws long since established, and they’re going to invalidate laws for political purposes rather than legal purposes. And worse, they’ve already made up their minds before they have even heard a case or the facts.

A sad state of affairs….

T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!

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