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WILL Represents Concordia Professor Suspended for Criticism of University’s ‘WOKE-NESS’

Dr. Gregory Schulz

“As I have been arguing, Woke-ism is afflicting the consciences of students, faculty, and supporters of Concordia. Therefore, programmatic, systemic Woke-ism merits reconsideration. It also merits personal and institutional repentance.” –Rev. Dr. Gregory Schulz

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) is representing a tenured Concordia University professor who was suspended after he published an article in the Christian News titled “Woke Dysphoria at Concordia.”

In the article, Rev. Dr. Gregory Schulz was critical of the Board of Regents who are determined to have a new university president who exhibits a “demonstrated belief in and commitment to equity and inclusion” and who promotes racialized “diversity in all its myriad forms.”

According to the WILL press release:

“On Feb 19, 2022, Concordia University Wisconsin suspended Rev. Dr. Gregory Schulz, a full professor of philosophy and Lutheran pastor.

At first, Dr. Schulz did not know why he was suspended because the University locked him out of his email account and banned him from campus properties. By Monday, things had become more clear: Concordia’s leadership suspended Dr. Gregory Schulz because of an article he wrote in Christian News critiquing the University’s recent embrace of ‘woke-ness’ and ‘diversity, inclusion, and equity.’ Even though Dr. Schulz’s employment contract with the University guarantees ‘academic freedom’ and ‘due process,’ the University gave him neither freedom nor process. Now, Concordia threatens to terminate Dr. Schulz unless he publicly ‘recants.'”

A change.org petition has gathered more than 5000 signatures in support of Dr. Gregory Schulz.

Dr. Gregory Schulz

In addition to being a professor, Dr. Gregory Schulz is a husband, father, grandfather and confessional Lutheran pastor in the LCMS with nearly 40 years in the ministry.

Dr. Schulz is also a retired Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force’s Civil Air Patrol. You can learn more about Dr. Schulz here.

The Academic Freedom Alliance sent this letter to Concordia president Cario in support of Dr. Gregory Schulz.

WILL’s Letter to Concordia University

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