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70% of Americans Support Expanding School Choice Options, Poll Says

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Nearly 70% of Americans say that expanding educational choices for families will help improve education overall in the U.S., according to new polling.

A vast majority of Americans across all demographics support more school choice options, the poll conducted by YouGov for the yes. every kid. foundation found.

When asked, “If we make K-12 education more flexible for families, do you think this would improve or weaken our nation’s overall education system?,” 69% of respondents said it would either “stongly” improve (33%) or “somewhat” (36%) improve education.

“Americans believe more education options will improve our nation’s education system,” Matt Frendewey, vice president of the yes. every kid. foundation, said in a statement released with the polling data. “A child’s access to a great education should not be determined by their family’s income or where they live. By expanding opportunities for families to customize the education to meet their kids’ needs, we can improve education more broadly. We will continue to listen to Americans, while empowering families by removing barriers to learning.”

The support comes from all demographic groups, including parents of K-12 students (77%); Blacks (74%); lower income individuals (73%); Republicans (72%); Independents (70%); Democrats (69%); and Hispanics (69%).

A solid majority – 67% – also said they support ending requiring students to be assigned to their neighborhood public school; 63% support expanding access to Education Savings Accounts; and 66% support education tax credits.

“Too often, a family’s zip code determines the educational experience that their child has access to; but that standardized approach has exacerbated inequities. Americans are seeking change and new opportunities that help children to succeed,” the foundation said.

“Americans overwhelmingly support having a say on how and where their child is educated. Nearly two-thirds of Americans (63% support, 35% strongly support) – by a more than 3-to-1 margin – support ESAs, with only 19% opposed. Over half of those surveyed (55%), including 63% of parents, said that if access to ESAs were expanded, public education would be improved.”

The poll was conducted from Sept. 20-25. According to a news release, YouGov “interviewed 1,209 people who were then matched down to a sample of 1,000 to produce the final dataset.” The poll has a margin of error of 3.4%, according to YouGov.

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