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A Waukesha, WI Bar Offered a FREE Bud Light & Got No Takers [WRN Voices]

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Just recently my husband and I found ourselves in a small, cozy bar on the main drag in downtown Waukesha. This was after we had taken an afternoon drive to see the holiday lights and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere of the city.  The venue we ended up at was full of people, many of whom had watched the Badgers basketball team beat Marquette earlier in the day.

Decorated for Christmas, with colorful lamps of red and green hanging from the ceiling as well as strings of white lights all over, a festive feel was in the air.  Many patrons were smiling, laughing, talking, and enjoying a few beverages and food. Football playoff games were on the TV screens. Most were watching the Alabama vs. Georgia contest.

Every seat at the bar was taken, with two or three people deep waiting patiently to place drink orders.  The bartenders were working hard to keep those drinks flowing…. As it happened, a party for retired police officers was in full swing and their stories could be heard above the din.  Former cops appeared to be trying to outdo one another with various stories and memories of their old jobs.  And one can bet that that bar was safe as safe can be, with the retired officers probably locked and loaded…

Suddenly a lone patron walked up to the bar with an empty Coors Light bottle. He asked the bartender for another.  She brought him one, while at the same time, a different bartender apparently misheard the order and had…

….an open bottle of Bud Light for the customer.

(If this had been a commercial, all the festivities and noise would have been silenced.  Cue “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” theme song).

The gentleman who was offered the free Bud Light stared at it for a moment and declined to accept it. He turned it down numerous times, even after being told over and over that it was on the house. The Coors Light drinker simply walked away, leaving the Bud Light bottle on the bar.  Like a hot potato, no one wanted to touch it.  The bartender then proceeded to approach all the other people gathered around.  Every person in the bar declined the free bottle of Bud Light. FREE!!!

How many people really turn down the offer of anything for free??? Especially in our state – where most people cannot pass up a bargain.  Many were very vehement about not accepting the free Bud Light. The bottle eventually ended up on a shelf behind the counter.  Who knows what eventually happened to it. Dumped down the drain? Poured into a glass disguised as another beer where no one would know the brand? Cast off to the island of misfit beer bottles?

Watching this spectacle take place, I couldn’t help but feel the power of people just saying no! to that particular brand of beer.

In essence, this was the Dylan Mulvaney effect in action. People did not like the Dylan Mulvaney ad.  We did not like seeing a young man made up to appear like a campy high school valley girl, celebrating “365 days of girlhood,” toasting himself with a Bud Light.

And the unity among the crowd in that tiny establishment at the time was uplifting.  Just to be clear, the “no” for a free beer wasn’t just against Bud Light. The no was against certain ideologies being promoted and endorsed by woke corporations.

Woke corporations and executives who think they know what is best for the public and go out of their way to promote such. Anheuser-Busch InBev lost $27 Billion over a three-month period due to that ad. They saw a 4% drop in their stock price. Other beers like Michelob Ultra and Budweiser also saw a noticeable decline in sales.

It appears that these days, instead of trying to promote an actual product, many so-called “progressive” companies are trying to promote certain ideologies and lifestyles. And people aren’t buying what they are selling.

There are a lot of similarities here with other corporations losing customers for the same reasons.  Target is a classic example. Target’s sales dropped by 5.4% after Pride Month.  That actually equated to a loss of about $13.8 billion.

During Pride Month, Target presented clothing aimed at children who were supposedly confused by their gender, even as young as infants. Such sales included clothing made to hide the penis of a male if he wished to “present” as a female. Or binding clothes to hide the breasts of females who think they are males.

To top it off, they hired Eric Carnell to design clothing. According to the Washington Post, he had a separate independent web store in which “used satanic and occult imagery to make points about transphobia.”

Adult males in the same bathroom as little girls. Insanity! Those of us who believe in traditional values and morals are being shoved aside and discounted daily. We are Targets (no pun intended) to be canceled if we speak out against such. We are to be silenced. Our values and opinions do not matter if they do not agree with the CO-EXIST crowd.

What happened in that small bar on one night is a start. Stand up, say no!, and speak with our wallets and our feet. The days of being the silent majority must end.

And bring back those Budweiser Frogs!

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