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Greek Fest Fights: West Allis Fest Closed Due to ‘Chaotic Situation,’ No Rides Sunday

greek fest fights
Greek Fest fights were reported.

Greek Fest fights at State Fair Park led to an early closure Saturday.

Greek Fest in West Allis, Wisconsin, closed early on Saturday due to a “chaotic situation” that resulted in multiple arrests, according to a statement from Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church.

The festival will reopen on Sunday, but without rides, the church stated.

The church wrote in a statement obtained by Wisconsin Right Now: “After a group of individuals today created a chaotic situation at Greek Fest, officers from the State Fair Park Police Department and the Milwaukee Police Department intervened and made multiple arrests. The Greek Fest chairmen made the decision to close early for the safety of both guests and volunteers.”

The statement continued, “Greek Fest would like to thank the State Fair Park Police Department and the Milwaukee Police department for keeping all patrons and volunteers safe. Greek Fest looks forward to opening their doors to the public at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, Sunday, June 25, with no rides and reduced hours, closing at 6:00 p.m.”

Greek Fest chairman, Michael Stavropoulos described the problem as “a couple teenagers who started a fight and it created chaos on the midway. Contrary to some rumors, there was no shooting. Luckily, nobody was injured. In fact, we have had a heavy law enforcement presence throughout the fairgrounds and metal detectors at the entrances since we opened on Friday morning.”

People who were at the festival described what they saw on social media:

“We were in the midst of walking there when all the police showed up,” wrote one. “They told us it was closed early due to a lot of fights. That’s just sad. TONS of kids outside the grounds not knowing how to act, just looking for trouble.”

“We saw a handful of fights while there for the short 2 hours…smh.”

“If you are thinking of going to Greek Fest tonight it was shut down early because kids wanted to run and start something and kids were fighting by the rides so it was shot down early.”

“We were sitting down eating and kids started screaming and running out saying there was a shooting towards the midway. There was no shooting, but I guess kids started fighting in the midway and ruined it for everyone.”

“We saw a fight in the midway too earlier this evening but the cops broke it up pretty quickly. Young kids too. Not even sure these kids are high school. This is crazy. So disappointing.”

“My husband and I were there earlier and witnessed a verbal argument break out between some teenagers and a woman. Police and security came and it was getting heated. We left!”

The fest’s closure comes after Saint John Vianney church festival in Brookfield faced a series of fights.

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