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Janet Protasiewicz Impeachment Is Necessary [Up Against the Wall]

Janet Protasiewicz Impeachment
Janet Protasiewicz

The Biden impeachment inquiry is highly justified, no matter what mantra the Dems are all parroting. He ought to be tried for high treason too, if the allegations are substantiated (as that’s what would have happened in the ‘old days’ when a public official accepts money from a foreign power or official. I believe the most famous traitor before Biden came along was Benedict Arnold.)

But, I am not in favor of removing him from office. Yes, use the evidence they find – in the election, but don’t actually vote to remove him from office. Why? One word; VP Harris. She’d be even worse than Biden as president, and she could then be in office for up to 8 years.

The Janet Protasiewicz impeachment, on the other hand, is a different story. Yes, definitely, impeach, but not just for the reasons of Justice Janet speaking out on the maps. Impeach her and the other two liberal justices for their alleged criminal activity and violating the constitution in the firing of the court’s administrator and in stealing a chief justice election by allegedly illegally stealing powers reserved to the chief justice, who was voted in. Those are real crimes justifying impeachment.

Why impeach three libs instead of all four? Because the Supreme Court needs four justices to operate, so by impeaching three, it leaves 3 conservative justices and one lib justice to operate the court.

Then after the Assembly impeaches, the Senate can…. do nothing, which is what they’re good at. If the Senate never votes to remove the impeached justices from office, I understand (correct me if I am wrong) that those justices remain as justices, but the law prohibits them from voting or participating in cases since they were impeached, so that would leave the court to operate with 4 justices, while the other three liberal justices just sit there. (It would be preferable to have them remain on the court without voting, rather than see Governor Evers appoint replacements.) Then the Senate can vote later if they wish, at the right time, so that the replacement issue goes to the voters, bypassing the Governor.

This is how the Dems would do it. They’re ruthless and determined. They never quit, they stick together, they’re not wet noodles. They push their agenda at every opportunity, and they pull every lever of power available to them to get what they want. Our Republican friends on the other hand tend to wimp out.

I say, if you’re in a leadership role, then lead; don’t follow public opinion. Stop playing checkers with the Democrats who are playing chess and thinking 4 or 5 moves down the line. Some Republicans say that the Dems will use impeachment as a fundraising tool to raise millions; yea, no shit. Duh. And even without an impeachment in process, the Dems will do that.

They’ll play up impeachment just like it’s happening, even if it’s not, to fundraise. They never miss a beat. Meanwhile, the Republicans dawdle, hem, and haw, and fly test balloons.

You see, if the Republicans in the Legislature don’t proceed on impeachment for the alleged offenses the liberal justices committed, not only does that signal to the liberals that any crime, any breach, any offense is acceptable, but it also signals to conservative voters that they won’t fight for them. Why do you think that conservatives stand by Trump? Because he fights, fights, fights, and never gives up.

Ahh, hello Republicans in the Legislature – the 2024 election is in the process of being stolen right before your eyes. How? Out of control, power-stealing justices who intend (by their own statements) to re-gerrymander the maps so that they can win control over the Legislature. That means many of the Republicans in office will be out of office next year if they don’t act now.

Wisconsin citizens are feeling crushed right now. Between inflation killing their purchasing power, Biden’s sheer stupidity, and all the problems he’s caused, following on the heels of COVID being made out to be a pandemic and used to shut down the economy, a now sputtering economy and the overall stress of the heavy hand of government coming down on a presidential candidate simply because they’re afraid he’ll win. The voters want someone who will stand up for what’s right.

Right now the Dems look and act like the winning team, while the Republicans haven’t even showed up to play ball, led by a party chairman who isn’t raising enough money. My question is – what team are they on?

T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!

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