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Alleged Lancaster ‘Rioters’ Arrested: $1 Million Bail Set for Accused

Bail has been set at $1 million for seven of the alleged Lancaster rioters. Rioting broke out during the overnight hours of Sept. 13-14 over the Lancaster Police shooting death of Ricardo Munoz, who charged at a police officer with a knife. The officer shot and killed Munoz.

Those arrested and accused of crimes include:

Kathryn Patterson, Mercersburg
Talia Gessner, York, PA
Frank Gaston
Barry Jones, York, PA
Jamal Shariff Newman
Yoshua Dwayne Montague
Matthew Modderman

Of the above, Newman, Jones, Montague, Modderman, Gessner, Patterson, and Taylor Enterline were held on $1 million bail, according to police.

Patterson is an undergraduate student at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, according to The Washington Post, which quoted her father, Chip Patterson, as saying she was acting as a medic. He told The Post her $1 million bail was “obscene,” saying, “Everything that I know so far, which is not a lot, indicates that Kat is not guilty of those charges. But then again, we’ll have to wait and see.”

Lancaster Online spoke to protest leader Alaak Deu, who was with Patterson when she was arrested.

Deu told the site that Patterson and Enterline were with a civil rights group called Green Dreamz, acted peacefully, and didn’t start any fires.

Body Camera Video of the Shooting of Ricardo Munoz

The body camera footage shows that as the responding officer approaches the front of the residence in the 300 block of Laurel Street, Ricardo Munoz immediately emerges from inside and chases after the officer, brandishing a knife above his head, in a threatening manner. The officer then fired, fatally striking Munoz.

According to The Washington Post, at the time of the shooting, Munoz was free on bond on “allegations he stabbed four people last year, including a teenage boy who was stabbed in the face.”

According to a Lancaster Police press release,

On September 13, 2020, at approximately 4:13 PM, Lancaster County-Wide Communications received a 911 call for a domestic in the 300 block of Laurel Street in Lancaster City.  The caller related that her brother was reportedly becoming aggressive with his mother and was attempting to break into her house.  Several officers from the Lancaster City Bureau of Police responded to the call and the first officer arrived at 4:24 pm.

The first officer on the scene walked to the front of the residence and made contact with a woman, who was identified as a family member. A male subject then exited the front door of the residence and began chasing the officer.  Preliminary information and body worn camera footage indicates that the male subject had a knife in his right hand as he was chasing the officer. The officer fired several shots from his firearm, striking the subject.

The subject, identified as 27 year old Lancaster man, did not survive his injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. The officer was the only police officer on the scene at the time of the shooting and his body worn camera was activated and recorded the encounter. Additional officers arrived a short time later.

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