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Chain Reaction: Liberal Led Cities Are in Chaos [Up Against the Wall Column]

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The open border is causing a chain reaction throughout our great nation and in particular in the liberal led cities.

Liberal led cities are overwhelmed – with crime, a shortage of housing, human waste, etc. The illegals have no place to sleep so cities are renting entire hotels to house them, making it impossible for travelers and tourists to find a place to stay. The lack of tourists is negatively impacting local restaurants and retail stores (following the negative impacts of the government shutdown).

In New York City, one report says that the city is spending $12 billion (yes, billion) on 142,000 illegals. That’s $84,500 per illegal alien! With no end in sight. Holy crap. For that kind of cost, why not just give each of them $20,000, and let them use the private market to purchase the goods and services they need? It would save the city a hell of a lot of money haha.

Just look at the cities with homeless illegals and see the environmental damage being done.

The question is – where is the liberal outcry? Apparently they don’t want to highlight this fact.

The liberals in this country have deliberately arranged to have total chaos going on, but you know what, people don’t like chaos. They like stability, security, safety. They like routine and assurance of their future, and they don’t want their lives so disrupted. This is why Biden’s polls are dropping like a rock. Liberals may think that chaos is their ticket to success, but humans don’t feel safe or comfortable with chaos, so the chaos strategy won’t work long term.

We’re all exhausted. Three years of COVID and government ordered shut downs with rioting, burning and looting of our cities. Then the illegals, the jump in homelessness (due to the illegals), the exhaustion of resources, the environmental damage to the cities, and coming soon, the financial exhaustion of city taxpayers to foot the bill that Biden has caused. And, likewise, the coming strain on our schools and health care system as the illegals will be attending our schools (on your back) and getting free health care (again, on your dime).

The chain reaction is obvious. Cities are headed toward a fiscal cliff as those free federal dollars are drying up. Just like a heroin dealer who gives free samples to people in order to hook them on the drug, Biden and his puppet-masters gave out $6 trillion of your money to cities and states to get them hooked – to get them to pass new spending programs that they won’t be able to afford once those dollars run out. Then they’ll have to pass massive tax increases to cover those programs, putting a huge financial burden on the taxpayers. Even Madison admits that it’s headed towards a massive deficit.

And as long as companies cannot hire illegals, they’ll continue to need welfare forever, so, attention, lower wage workers, these illegals will drive down wages in the labor force, hurting your livelihood once they join the labor force.

My advice to taxpayers of liberal-run cities and states – get out now. Move. Or, elect conservatives that will put some fiscal constraints in place.

The sad part is that none of this had to happen. It’s a result of bad leadership, bad policies, bad decisions, and evil intent – the deliberate attempt to bankrupt this country and flood liberal cities with more residents who will be counted in the next census towards boosting Democrat representation in Congress. And this is why eventually all these illegals will have to be sent home.

So much chaos, so little time….

T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!

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