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Up Against the Wall: Various Dispatches [OPINION]

Lumber Prices

The Chinese – Full of Hot Air

A weather balloon, eh? Uh-huh. Sure. Could it be an intelligence-gathering apparatus? Admittedly, couldn’t the Chi-coms get more info off Google Earth (even if it’s a few years old) or their own satellites? Why didn’t the Biden administration shoot it down immediately in the remote north? Instead, they waited until the balloon crossed the country and was out over the Atlantic, nailing it. See, this is the problem with this administration. They make bad decisions due to procrastination. They should have shot the balloon down as soon as it entered U.S. airspace, and then wrapped it up in a big, Chinese-red gift box – with Blinkie-blank handing the box to Chinese officials upon his arrival and the words “Return to Sender” on top.

Satellites give more intel, even for weather so I don’t get why they would use WWI technology for intel collection, so my first thought upon hearing about the balloon, being a student of history, is to recall the time when the Japanese floated thousands of balloon-holding-bombs to the U.S. during WWII. Most were duds or did no or little harm, but a few did cause damage and one killed a number of Americans. So this balloon idea is not far-fetched or infeasible. What concerns me is that we only learned about it after it was over Montana.

More likely I’m thinking this could be a trial run – first, to test Biden’s resolve and how he reacts to an urgency. He failed that test. (Maybe he thought it was his birthday balloon.) Or second, to see if floating a balloon full of a virus or toxins could work as a distraction when they attack independent Taiwan, along with a simultaneous cyber-attack of course.

If anything, this just shows that China is not to be trusted and the Chinese indignation over shooting it down is more evidence of their embarrassment over being caught.

Hunter Biden’s Laptop

So Hunter’s lawyers want to claim that the information on Hunter’s laptop is confidential and shouldn’t be made public (oops, too late), while also claiming in the same breath that the laptop is not his. Wow. Kind of takes your breath away – the audacity of hypocrisy. I guess you can’t fault liberals for not worrying about logic or common sense – a good cover story covers that over. They figure like every one of their misinformation campaigns that the old-school media will keep repeating the lie until people believe it.

I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me that they can’t make a legal claim for confidentiality when they are also saying the laptop doesn’t belong to Hunter. On the other hand, his photos are all over it, so how can they claim it’s not his?

But as we all know, there’s one set of rules for us common schmucks, but a different set of rules for the libs; i.e. the rules don’t apply to them.

Lumber Prices and Biden’s New Tariff

In November 2020 the Commerce Dept tariff on Canadian lumber doubled from 8.99% to 17.99%. (So much for the Commerce Dept being about promoting commerce.) In August 2022, the department reversed course, lowering the tariff to 8.59%. Now they have changed their minds again, announcing an increase in tariffs on just two Canadian lumber companies, increasing one tariff by 13.7% and another by 24.2% – right during the worst bout of inflation in 60 years. And since the cost of housing is a major factor in overall inflation, this will affect the inflation rate. One industry group even wants to limit Canadian lumber to 20% of the total, from the current cap of 33%. So much for Dems caring about affordable housing and the lowest income earners.

Why Dems Want No Borders and Millions of Illegals

I don’t understand why no one on Fox News is explaining why Dems want millions of illegals coming across our border. The reason is simple – they know that those illegals will become wards of the state governments and congregate in the liberal cities where the Dems plan on counting them as residents during the next census. On average, a congressional district currently has a population of 760,000, but if you add 5 million new illegals and concentrate them in the cities, you would see a shift in population significant enough to add more Democrat-controlled districts. It wouldn’t take that much.

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