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Mark Pocan Slams Colleague for Speaking Out AGAINST Anti-Semitism

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Mark Pocan (l)

Democratic Wisconsin Congressman Mark Pocan, who is known for his intemperate posts on social media, is criticizing a colleague for speaking out against anti-Semitism.

It all started because Republican Wisconsin Congressman Derrick Van Orden has been speaking out against Democratic members of Congress for their extreme reactions to the Hamas terrorist attacks, which have, in some cases, criticized Israel.

Pocan wrote, “Apologies for my ill-informed colleague from WI… He doesn’t speak for us. @derrickvanorden’s bigoted religious rhetoric is his own. Wisconsin is better than him.” He also trashed Van Orden as not really being from Wisconsin when, actually, Van Orden lives on a farm in the La Crosse area of Wisconsin. He and his wife opened a cafe in Butternut, Wisconsin.

It should be noted that what the buffoonish Pocan labels “bigoted religious rhetoric” was Van Orden criticizing anti-Semitism.

He was responding to a tweet that Van Orden wrote that said, “There is no place in congress for antisemites. This woman is supporting a terrorist organization under the guise of humanitarianism.”

Van Orden shared a story headlined, “Squad Member Warns Biden He May Lose the Muslim Vote With Response to Iraq War: ‘Be Careful.'”

Pocan has recently written posts critical of Israel’s response to the terrorist attacks. “In @Israel’s collective punishment of Gaza, 1000’s more will be killed or made permanently homeless, due to the imbalance of power Israel holds over an open air prison like Gaza. Israel threatens their own future with this wholesale destruction. This is not targeting Hamas. ☮️” he wrote. He also criticized Van Orden for visiting Israel and has called on President Biden to send more money to Gaza.

Van Orden made the comments as continued reports of the Hamas’ terrorists’ atrocities against men, women, the elderly, and children continue to roll in. He has continued to criticize left-wing members of Congress who have taken the side of Palestinians after the terrorist attacks.

Pocan has made a habit of trolling Van Orden on X.

Indeed, left-wing media has been busy writing stories about Biden, essentially warning him that being too pro-Israel could cost him the presidential election by siphoning away Muslim votes. “Muslim and Arab Voters Are Sending Biden a Stark Warning—and He’d Better Pay Attention,” blared the Nation, in a similar story.

Even NBC News got into the game, writing, “Some Muslim and Arab American voters warn that President Biden could lose their support over his support for Israel.”

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