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Michelle Obama Running? What Keeps Me Awake at Night [WRN VOICES]

Recently Michelle Obama was on the podcast “On Purpose,” hosted by Jay Shetty, talking about “what keeps her awake at night.” Among such concerns she mentioned were the upcoming 2024 election, who our elected leaders could be, and that people really need to care about “democracy.”

She admitted to being “terrified” about who could be elected (of course, we all know the individual she is “terrified” of is Donald Trump). During the same podcast, she gave a shout out to the government for the work they do for the people. And Americans cannot take that for granted! Be thankful, you losers, that the government is doing everything for you!!!

Oh goodness. So much is wrong with the Michelle Obama perspective. First of all, does she really believe that people want a dementia-riddled old man to be “leading” the country for four more years? No. Of course, she does not. And she surely does not want Trump to win the presidency. I am sure that Michelle, Barack, and George Soros have worked out who they want to replace Biden. And we won’t know exactly who that is until closer to the actual election.

You know they are waiting in the wings to jump in and save the day for the Democratic Party with a new replacement for Biden. Many people were thinking the ultra-liberal Governor of California would step in to run – Gavin Newsom. (His state is a total disaster due to Democratic policies – exactly what the left embraces!). But I don’t think so. What if the Obamas have decided Michelle should be the anointed one? The longer they wait, the less Michelle has to do to ensure winning the election.

That folks, IS WHAT KEEPS ME UP AT NIGHT. We know how the left loves identity politics. Michelle checks all the boxes. Black. Check. Woman. Check. Wife of Barack. Check. Qualifications…well who the heck cares??? (I do seem to recall that Michelle Obama tried to overhaul the public school lunch program as First Lady. It was a total disaster).

For the left, qualifications are not needed, as all they seem to look at these days is what color, what sex, what gender, etc. fit the bill for any job. Qualifications be damned. (Doesn’t a recent disgraced Harvard president come to mind?) Aren’t they really the racist and biased ones when all is said and done??? (And God forbid Taylor Swift gives an endorsement! It seems the Biden camp is hoping for such. Sad fact but one in eight voters actually said they would vote for whomever Swift endorses! Such a sad state of affairs for not having educated voters, but instead Swifties. Maybe if Biden tries to sniff her hair and rub her shoulders like he tends to do with young girls, she won’t go through with any endorsement).

The reality is our country needs a strong leader. That leader is NOT Joe Biden, as the man can barely form a coherent sentence and appears lost. (Shame on his wife for allowing such to continue). His policies continue to damage and ruin the country. The United States is weaker, poorer, and more divisive than ever. Intentional? Probably. And don’t forget the waging wars that are going on. As well as our enemies like China and North Korea giving Biden the middle finger. But do most Americans, who love this country, want to continue on that path? NO.

Trump has a lot of support despite what the left, media, and anti-Trump District Attorneys are trying to do to him with multiple unprecedented lawsuits.

Trump can save this country! He has shown such in what he did during his tenure as president. He is not a nightmare for a majority of Americans, but rather a savior. Michelle Obama can tell us all about what frightens her, but she doesn’t realize that most Americans are truly worried and scared about the path our country is currently on. Her fears are our hopes. We want to stop the path Barack Obama started this country on – destroying it from within – and hopefully, the election in 2024 will speak loud and clear.

The cheat factor will be an obstacle, but with enough people willing to do the right thing, we can – and will – take this country back! In the meantime, the possibility of a Michelle Obama presidency is truly a real nightmare.

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