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Wisconsin Congressman Tom Tiffany Introduces Legislation to Ban Palestinian Refugees From US

Palestinian Refugees Tiffany Blueprint
Tiffany Blueprint

One of Wisconsin’s congressmen says he wants to get ahead of any policy that may invite Palestinian refugees into the U.S.

Rep. Tom Tiffany, R-Wisconsin, introduced a piece of legislation that would not allow people fleeing the Gaza Strip to be brought to America.

“It prevents people that have a Palestinian Authority visa from being able to come into the United States,” Tiffany told Jay Weber on News Talk 1130-WISN.

Tiffany says the legislation is necessary after how the Biden Administration handled the evacuation of U.S. troops and allies out of Afghanistan.

“We saw what happened in Afghanistan a little over two years ago when you had about 100,000 people that came in unvetted. This would be the same thing,” Tiffany said.

Tiffany, who has long been a critic of President Biden and his immigration policies, said the United States must do a much better job of vetting the people who come into this country.

“When you have children that are given maps without Israel on it. When they are taught ‘death to the Jews.’ I mean that type of stuff, is that who you want to bring into our country?” Tiffany asked. “We’ve always been a great melting pot here in America, but it requires you to accept American values.”

Tiffany said he would rather see the United States work with other Middle Eastern countries like Egypt or Jordan to take in Palestinian refugees as opposed to giving them carte blanche to come to the United States.

“I would say as soon as Iran and Egypt and some of those other countries say ‘Hey, we’re going to do our part,’ then America should consider doing its part,” Tiffany explained. “But until they do something – and they have sealed their borders to the Palestinians – let’s have them do their job first before you come and say let’s fly them across the ocean to America.”

Tiffany says he doesn’t know if the Biden Administration is working on a policy to accept Palestinian refugees but wants to make sure that Republicans are ready with a response if the president does.

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