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President Trump: ‘I will Fight Like No One Has Ever Fought Before’

President Trump

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday Nov. 15, 2022 that he is running for president again. He added, “I will fight like no one has ever fought before.”

Trump confirmed the talk swirling for weeks: He’s in.

He could face a primary challenge from Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, although DeSantis has not confirmed that.

In his speech, Trump ticked off Joe Biden’s failures. He focused on fixing the economy and supply chain. He also said there has been a “total breakdown of law and order” under Biden and promised to restore public safety. He promised to fix the border. He promised to rehire members of the military let go over the vaccine.

Here’s the announcement:

“This is our country, our government,” Trump said.

Trump said that inflation “is destroying your family and your life… this campaign will be for you.”

He also said that Biden had destroyed the borders, and he would secure them.

He said the Biden administration had “destroyed” the American economy. Trump pledged to “build the greatest economy ever.” Biden “put America last,” said Trump.

“We will again put America first.”

He said the country’s supply chains are a disaster. He said open borders are a disaster. He said he would get rid of “catch and release.” He said he would stop the flow of drugs and human trafficking over the border.

Taking on the “corrupt” system is met by a storm of fire that few can endure, Trump said. He asked his son, Eric Trump, to stand up, and stressed that he had unfairly received more subpoenas than Al Capone. He also thanked Melania Trump for her support.

He said he would be resisted by the combined forces of the media, the weaponized power of the federal government, political machines, domestic censorship, a tidal wave of dark money and more.

“We will be attacked…we will be persecuted. But we will not be intimidated. We will persevere. We will stand strong in the storm, into the torrent… and in the end we will win. Our country will win.”

He promised to reverse the “staggering” American decline and restore the “spirit of our nation.”

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