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Bills Seeks to Fine Wisconsin Hospitals if They Don’t Follow Price Transparency Guidelines

Price Transparency Guidelines Know Your Healthcare Cost Act
Know Your Healthcare Cost Act

Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin are pushing a bill that would open the door for local hospitals to be fined by state regulators if they fail to comply with federal price transparency guidelines.

Sponsored by state Sen. Mary Felzkowski and Rep. Robert Brooks, the measure would also obligate state hospitals to post online standard costs for at least 300 services that can be scheduled in advance of the procedure being performed.

Violators to the proposed mandate would be subject to fines handed out by the Department of Health Services of as much as $10,000 per day, with the actual amounts being calculated based on the size of the hospital.

In seeking other co-sponsors for the bill, Felzkowski told reporters that the measure largely mirrors federal regulations already on the books. Along with Brooks, she added the bill would also help create competition across the industry, which ultimately could lead to lower prices for consumers.

With similar laws in Colorado and Texas already on the books, not everyone thinks such policy is needed in the Badger State.

Wisconsin Hospital Association President and CEO Eric Borgerding issued a statement to that effect, saying such a law would only serve to add to an already tangled web of regulations.

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