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Reminder: Tammy Baldwin Bought Swanky $1.3 Million Rooftop Condo in DC With Partner

tammy baldwin
Tammy Baldwin (l) and Eric Hovde

Now is a good time to remind people that Tammy Baldwin bought a swanky $1.3 million rooftop condo with her partner in Washington D.C.

On Tuesday, the Democrats parked a truck outside a building owned by her potential Republican opponent, businessman Eric Hovde.

Hovde mocked the truck, which referenced a home he owns in California. The Democratic truck ignores the fact that Baldwin also has luxurious out-of-state property.

“C’mon Dems, if you’re gonna park this truck outside my building, can you at least give me bigger muscles? My pipes are a lot bigger than this guy’s,” Hovde wrote on X.

Democrats might want to think twice before making a big deal out of Hovde owning a home out of state since Baldwin owns the penthouse out of state that is well out of the price range of average Wisconsinites.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel first reported on Baldwin’s swanky digs back in June.

The newspaper reported that Baldwin and her partner, private wealth advisor Maria Brisbane, bought the “luxurious” pad “just steps from the U.S. Capitol” in 2021, describing it as a “penthouse residence.” At the time of the story, she had real estate holdings worth more than $2 million.

By 2018, the latest year available on Open Secrets.org, Baldwin was already a millionaire. Her 2022 report says she paid off two mortgages in 2021.

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