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Rittenhouse Jury: Judge Says Someone Was Videotaping Them

rittenhouse jury
Rittenhouse jury

Concerns over privacy relating to the Kyle Rittenhouse jury increased on Tuesday, as Kenosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder revealed that someone was videotaping jurors outside of court as they got on the bus.

The jurors’ identities have been sealed by the court. People are also not allowed to photograph or videotape the jurors, 18 of whom remain. In court, Schroeder revealed the jurors were being filmed when the bus picked them up to take them to court on Tuesday morning. He said deputies made the person delete the video. Schroeder said it’s not clear whether the person was ever in the courtroom.

Rittenhouse Jury Reassured

The judge took pains to reassure jurors when they walked into court on Tuesday morning after the incident.

“I have been assured the video that was taken has been deleted. New procedures have been instituted so something like that should not occur. I’m frankly surprised that it did,” the judge told the Rittenhouse jury. He told Rittenhouse jurors he was “very sensitive to this entire issue.”

The videotaping report comes shortly after a Minneapolis BLM activist said someone was photographing Kenosha jurors in a live stream video. That same man, Cortez Rice, also recorded video saying he was outside the door of the home of the judge in the Daunte Wright case in Minnesota. That’s a police shooting death.

It’s not clear whether any of those incidents was related to the videotaping in Kenosha; the judge did not reveal anything about the person doing the videotaping of Rittenhouse jurors.

Bailiffs were being vigilant in court, periodically walking down the hallways and looking into the gallery.

Schroeder addressed the matter both before and after the jury entered the courtroom on Nov. 9, 2021, as the trial continued into week 2.

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