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Southridge Mall: Stolen Gun Recovered From Teen on Probation

Southridge Mall Stolen Gun
Southridge Mall Stolen Gun

Southridge Mall stolen gun: A teenage boy banned from carrying guns as a condition of probation brought a stolen handgun to Southridge Mall, Village of Greendale police say.

“Great work last night by second shift Officers on a busy Tuesday night…” police started their March 3, 2021, statement.

Wisconsin Right Now learned that in another incident, Greendale police say they caught a man with 40 grams of marijuana, a lot of cash, and a scale.

“Officers responded to Southridge Mall for two subjects who were ejected by security. One of the subjects, a 17-year-old male, was arrested for being in possession of a stolen handgun, and was on probation for armed robbery with the condition that he not possess firearms,” the police wrote. They did not name the teen.

They say he was taken to the Milwaukee County Jail pending charges by the DA’s Office.

“Later that evening, Officers stopped a vehicle for speeding (50 in a 35) on Grange. After a search of the vehicle, 40 grams of packaged marijuana, a scale, baggies, rubber bands and $1,500 in cash were located. The adult male driver was arrested for Possession with Intent to Deliver and conveyed to Milwaukee County Jail pending charges by the DA’s Office,” police wrote.

Southridge Mall Stolen Gun

“During their shift, Officers also responded to numerous other calls, some of which were an accident at 51st/Ramsey (property damage only), two welfare checks, and two other incidents of disorderly subjects at the Mall.”

There were two serious incidents involving teenagers who brought guns to shopping malls in the Milwaukee area recently; in one instance, Alvin Cole, 17, was shot by a Wauwatosa police officer after bringing a gun to Mayfair Mall, and then fleeing police, discharging the gun, and then pointing it at officers, authorities say. That shooting was ruled justified. In another instance, a 15 year old Milwaukee boy brought a gun to Mayfair, where he is accused of engaging in a mass shooting. He was recently kept in juvenile court in that case in which eight people were shot.

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