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The Fall of Minneapolis

The Fall of Minneapolis

On the WRN‘s list of definitely MUST-WATCH documentaries is The Fall of Minneapolis.

The Fall of Minneapolis of an award-winning investigative journalist Liz Collin sets the record straight. She uncovers what really happened on Minnepolis’s Chicago Avenue and exposes the truth of the 2020 riots.

Based on conversations with those who were there—including Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, and other Minneapolis police officers who’ve never spoken out before—Liz exposes how the facts were manipulated to dupe and divide America.

How to Watch The Fall of Minneapolis – The Derek Chauvin Documentary Film

Watch it for free here.

The film was produced by Liz Collin, a former anchor at a CBS News station, who was taken off air during the riots and demoted because her husband, Bob Kroll, was the Minneapolis police union chief.

The Supreme Court has denied an appeal by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted in the killing of George Floyd.

Chauvin appealed his conviction on the basis that the jury was biased against him because they feared more riots in the city if he wasn’t convicted.

Derek Chauvin is serving a 20-year prison sentence for 2nd and 3rd-degree murder of Floyd, whose death ignited protests and riots across the country, and claims of systemic racism. The incident spawned the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Floyd autopsy report by Hennepin County Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker the day after Floyd died found there was “no physical evidence suggesting that Mr. Floyd died of asphyxiation.

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