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Trump Trial Travesty: Let’s Not Lose Hope [Up Against the Wall]

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Trump in Green Bay.

What can I say that others haven’t already said? First, let’s not lose hope. Trump will appeal and the appeal will (normally) take a good year, so he’ll be President before a decision is made.

I suspect either the appeals court or the Supreme Court will probably delay making a decision until after the election and after inauguration. Although if I was his lawyer, I would be tempted to appeal directly to the U.S. Supreme Court and not mess around, but maybe the Trump team doesn’t want a decision until after the election….? Now if the Supreme Court declines to get involved, then we can panic, because it would mean that they have abdicated their responsibility to put an end to this kind of judicial abuse.

Second, Trump will keep fighting and let’s face it, the fundraising haul so far has proved invaluable. Most people do not understand developers and their innate DNA to fight rather than flee. By now, a lot of others would have given up, but Trump is a developer and developers have spent their entire adult lives fighting against everyone – neighbors and neighborhood groups, city hall including city staff, dozens of commissions, the council, city attorney, and hundreds of others that oppose developments – including the courts – it appears overwhelming,

but a developer won’t survive if they can’t overcome these opposition groups, so they remain persistent. Developers end up going to court a lot as well, and we all know judges are biased. You can have the best lawyers money can buy and still not get a fair shake because the judge wants one party or the other to win regardless of the law or who the victim is. Trump knew the outcome of this trial, even when the rest of us put our faith in the system and the jury. Clearly, the system is irrevocably broken and the jury was pre-determined during selection or directed or manipulated.

In this case, Trump will end up at the Supreme Court because both sides will appeal if they lose at the appeals court, where the majority of the Supreme Court is conservative with at least three justices having been appointed by Trump. And the other hope you should hold onto is that the Dems have over played their hand. Even many Dems and independents don’t like where this country is going. I’ve had now a total of six life-long Democrats tell me that they won’t vote for Biden. They realize that Biden’s damage to the country is very dangerous.

I think a win in this trial by Trump would have hurt his campaign, whereas the loss he suffered has clearly demonstrated the bias of the legal system that is manipulated by the left to punish their opponents. No one, not young people, not blacks, not Hispanics, no one wants to live in a country where there is no hope, no opportunity, and no legal system that they can trust.

Think about it. If the jury had acquitted Trump, it would have taken the pressure off those Dems and independents sitting on the fence in regards to the election, and let them off the hook to vote differently. Well, this trial was the last straw. Many people are going to make their voting decision based upon this show trial. You know the left is in trouble when a lifer, New York Democrat tells me he’s done voting for the Democrats.

So, hang in there. All is not lost. This is just another bump in the battle to regain sanity in this country. The normal people in this country now see what the left was to do – open borders, unrestricted drug activity, flooding the country with cheap labor that lowers their wages while Bidenflation erodes their purchasing power, racking up massive debt ($35T), destroying faith in our institutions like the FBI, the court system, and destroying a citizen’s rights to defend themselves in a court where the judge and the prosecutor are both biased. Only five more months to the election.

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