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War on Israel: Crush Iran Financially [Up Against the Wall]

war on israel

Here’s my response to the War on Israel.

Step 1: Open up the oil spigot to reduce the price of oil and crush Iran financially and make oil cheaper for Israel to buy. (War uses a lot of oil, which by the way, also creates a lot of environmental damage – all due to Biden’s foolish Afghan withdraw and his and Obama’s lack of response when Russian grabbed Crimea.)

Step 2: Remember that $6 billion Biden gave to Iran? Let’s freeze that and then confiscate it to create a fund that would provide financial relief to all the Jewish families that have been harmed in the War on Israel.

Step 3: Supply Israel with all the weapons and ammunition it needs to make this a quick war.

Step 4: Show commitment in destroying the enemy, both Hamas and Iran. A lack of commitment will convince Xi in China to attack Taiwan and we don’t want that.

Step 5: Cancel Biden’s plan to reduce the special forces by 10 percent. Now is the time when they are most needed. Send in the special forces to rescue American hostages. Destroy the hostage takers.

Step 6: The Israeli Defense Forces should smoke out the enemy from their underground bunkers. Pump smoke in the tunnels and watch the terrorists come scampering out. The Gaza strip is only about 4 miles wide (in general, along the narrow zone) by 25 miles long. The width is less than the distance from my home to downtown Madison and the length is the same as going from the east side of Madison to Johnson Creek. Think about that. It’s tiny. I walk the width on a typical afternoon walk. I’m not saying this war will be a cake walk given the underground bunkers (that the Japanese used so effectively to slow American progress in the Pacific), but the land mass is tiny and manageable, and the Israelis can approach from two sides as well as from the water.

The problem will be for the residents who are not fighting the Israelis. They’ll be squeezed into an ever shrinking land area; crushed. But in spite of this, the Israelis should not stop until they eliminate Hamas. I’m sure the international ‘community’ and probably at some future point the Biden administration will surely call on Israel to ceasefire, which would only give Hamas time to regroup and restock their arms. This can’t become a repeat of the past. Remove the threat and then rebuild Gaza under Israeli control.

Frankly, the residents of Gaza would be better off under Israeli control then under the last 20 years of Hamas control. As one person articulated, Hamas had the opportunity to turn Gaza into another Dubai, but instead turned it into another busted Beirut. Nothing will change with Hamas in control. The warring will continue since Iran wants to destroy the Jewish state.

Clearly Hamas has been planning this for years – right under Biden’s nose and using cash given to them by Biden and Obama. (Ever notice how wars get started under Democrat presidents?) The problem we have here in the U.S. is that in State Department there is one representative or so-called expert for each of the countries in the Middle East. That means that there are dozens of experts for the Arab states, but only one for Israel – the only democracy. That means there is an inherent bias in the State Department in favor of the Arab states and against Israel.

They’ll never get a fair shake in the State Department or inside the Biden administration.

Then you have the newspapers – where I see they are constantly printing photos of people harmed by Israeli attacks but few of the atrocities committed by Hamas. There’s a clear bias in our press. And you can already see the bias in the idiot students, including our own UW students whom I saw standing on the pedestrian bridge over Campus Drive with their pro-murdering Hamas banners and anti-Israel statements. And does anyone see any irony in all this? The left will defend Ukraine, but they don’t defend Israel in the same manner.

So we all need stay vigilant; defend and support Israel and don’t apologize for it. Let’s put an end to this quickly before China gets any ideas.

I suspect that Israel was holding off on the ground war in Gaza because Biden’s handlers convinced them to hold off until after he visited. This was a mistake, as it gave the enemy the time to consolidate its efforts, re-arm, hide, and also escape.

T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!

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