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Democrats’ Blatantly False, Manufactured Watertown Controversy Against Rep. Barb Dittrich

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Lee Snodgrass and Barb Dittrich

Elected Wisconsin Democrats are now blatantly lying to score political points against an elected Republican, in this case, state Rep. Barb Dittrich, in the controversy over the vile neo-Nazis who showed up in Watertown.

Yet the media aren’t calling the Democrats out on their lies, even as the same journalists often affix the word “false” to statements from former President Donald Trump. Democrats don’t get that treatment even when they tell blatant whoppers.

In case you missed the controversy, Dittrich wrote a post on Facebook and Twitter criticizing a sexualized drag show marketed to children in a Watertown park that was being protested by several Wisconsin groups. The “Pride in the Park” event in Watertown advertised drag story time, a kids’ dance party, and drag shows.


The protests were then suddenly hijacked by a group of out-of-town neo-Nazis, who showed up with Swastika flags. The second she learned of the Nazis’ appearance, Dittrich condemned them on Facebook and Twitter, calling the Nazis “loathsome.”

To state the obvious, it is possible for a person to be against drag shows attended by children in public parks AND to oppose Nazis. This obvious fact was lost on the left, members of which leapt to troll, viciously attack, cyber abuse and lie about Dittrich.

The worst offenders among the vicious keyboard warriors:

Rep. Lee Snodgrass tweeted that Dittrich had written a tweet “praising Nazi protesters.” Again, this is blatantly false, and Snodgrass has to know this. Dittrich actually condemned the Nazis. Snodgrass attached Dittrich’s original post, written before she learned about and, promptly condemned, the Nazis. That’s incredibly dishonest. See how this game works?

Snodgrass, a Democrat from Appleton, is the legislator who once tweeted that parents should not “have a say” in their child’s education unless they home school their kids or pay for private school tuition out of their “family budget.” In other words, she’s a real piece of work on Twitter.


Then there was a lying press release from the Democrats’ LGBTQ+ caucus in the state Legislature.

The press release was put out by Snodgrass (of course), and Reps. Mark Spreitzer, Tim Carpenter, Greta Neubauer and Marisabel Cabrera.

The release properly condemned the Nazis.

The Nazis are odious and should be condemned. We condemn them in the strongest terms. They should stay out of Wisconsin.

However, the press release switched to trashing Dittrich and Rep. Janel Brandtjen, saying they “chose to post about other protests at the event without any mention of the violent threats on display.”

But, as we have already established, Dittrich condemned the Nazis.

For the last time, Dittrich condemned the Nazis. Her post about the drag show was made before she knew they were there.

Later reports indicated the masked, armed Nazis shouted vile comments at drag show participants. Dittrich also released a statement saying that the hate group was “intimidating people with vile language. I find that loathsome, disgusting and condemned it the minute I learned of it.”

She noted of the drag show, “As I stated at that time, constituents in surrounding communities as well as friends I have who live in the city find this an unacceptable event for children or a public park. If individuals want to hold such an event, it would be best to have a child-free gathering indoors at the many wonderful local venues available.”

She also added, “One can both find adult performances unsuitable for children at the same time they find hate groups to be vile. I applaud Watertown’s law enforcement for keeping everyone safe.”

Why are Democrats so blatantly lying? What is going on? Is it that they can no longer “get” Republicans for things they actually say (most Wisconsinites probably agree with Dittrich on the drag show’s child audience), so now they just make things up?

To be clear, we don’t care what people do when they are adults. Children are a different matter.

Some conservatives (no legislators) didn’t wrap themselves in flags of glory either when they immediately claimed, without evidence, that the Nazis in Watertown were a “false flag” operation from the feds. They offered no evidence for this. As we wrote on Twitter, if you can’t prove it, don’t say it. Furthermore, reports emerged that the group was part of a vile neo-Nazi faction called Blood Tribe, which has protested drag shows in Ohio, trains to fight in Ukraine, and has an enclave in Maine. A social post emerged that supposedly showed the leader of Blood Tribe issuing a rally cry for people to attend the drag event in Watertown.

We think the only proper conservative response to neo Nazis is to condemn them.

Dittrich did this, and Democrats know she did this. Yet they are lying about her anyway.

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