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Monday, June 24, 2024

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What Do We Do Now? [WRN VOICES]


If you are like me, you really expected a “Trump guilty” verdict based on the biases of the judge and jury in New York.  We knew the odds were stacked against him.  We knew the judge dictated actions in the courtroom that benefited the prosecution and hindered the defense.

He was a friend to the prosecution that was so obvious as to be obscene.  We knew the judge also has a daughter heavily invested in the Democratic Party.  On the payroll.  We knew the judge made rulings designed to stifle the defense and shut Trump up.  Gag orders?  Unbelievable.   And how does one find a non-biased jury in a totally Democratic area of New York?    How does one make up a “crime” to go after a former president when no real crime was committed?

Yet, when the ruling came in, I did feel upset and very angry.  Even though I expected it,  it was rather sad.

They shamelessly did it.  Disgusting.

The left celebrated, not realizing how awful this is for our country.  Let them rejoice for the time being.  So gleeful as to be childish. What they celebrate will return to haunt them if all is right in the world.  They will get theirs.

What happened in New York is beyond comprehension.  The courts under Joe Biden have been weaponized to go after political opponents.  This is what happens in third-world countries.  I find it so amusing that Biden and Co. were always crying that if “Trump wins” he will put his opponents in jail.  Well, what the heck is happening now????  Why does the left always blame the right for things they themselves are doing???  Biden is targeting his opponents and doing a pretty good job of it.  Or should we really say George Soros and Obama are behind the scenes, pulling Joe’s strings?  They are really controlling the shots.  Biden lost it long ago, but Soros and Obama are winning.

How in the heck did the United States of America get to this point?  Where a candidate for President is targeted by his enemies (Joe Biden) and can do little to defend himself.  Americans!  – you need to wake up.  This is so disturbing and anti-American.  Ask yourselves, how did Hillary skate when she had a “private server” with national secrets?  No problem.  Glossed over because Hillary chose to wear coke bottle glasses and play dumb.

How does anything against Hunter Biden get swept under the rug?   No problem.  How did Joe Biden – as a senator – have secret classified documents in his garage?  No problem.  How does the press continue to ignore Joe Biden’s pay-to-play situations that go back years?  China?  Ukraine?   No problem.   Doesn’t anyone ever wonder how a senator like Biden became a millionaire with various mansions?

Right now, I have to say that I am encouraged by the amount of support pouring out for Trump. Amazingly, two of his donations’ websites crashed right after the verdict.  And reports say that most donations came from new donors!!  $34.8 million came into the Trump campaign after a few short hours when the biased verdict was announced.

I believe the left has woken up a sleeping giant.    I believe that come November, the American people will remember this Kangaroo Court and vote accordingly.  What our side needs to do is get every voter out there to vote for Trump so that the election is too big to rig.  We need to win in November or the United States as we know it will cease to exist.

Tell your friends.  Tell your neighbors.  Tell your family.  Vote Trump if you want to save the United States.

If they question you as to why….tell them if this kind of sham of a trial can happen to a former president, what do you think can happen to you?  A common citizen?  You can – and will – be targeted if you do not adhere to a certain ideology.  This is not America anymore.  This is not our country.  And what is so ironic is that Joe Biden and Co. are running on the idea to “save our Democracy” when they are the ones destroying it.

Amy Hemmer
Hello WRN readers! I am very honored to have been chosen to write for Wisconsin Right Now. Years ago I penned a conservative column called "It's Hemmer Time" for the now-defunct Lake Country Reporter. I also like to keep The Waukesha Freeman busy with my frequent "Letters to the Editor." Writing has always been a passion of mine and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to an excellent news source like Wisconsin Right Now. A brief background of yours truly: I graduated from UW-Madison in 1982 with a degree in Graphic Arts. I loved my time in Madison and was actually very liberal upon graduation. However, after working in the real world, I soon grew up, got smart, and became very conservative. VERY conservative. I have been happily married for 38 year and have three great adult children, as well as an assortment of furry friends. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, politics, jigsaw puzzles, target shooting, volleyball, cooking, biking, reading, and - of course - writing. I am also currently serving my third term as an elected school board official of the Arrowhead Union High School. Prior to Arrowhead, I served two terms as a school board member for the Merton School District. Being a school board member in today's political climate has been very challenging, but at the same time very rewarding. More to come on that topic! At my age, I feel many of my past, present, and future experiences and observations will make for an interesting read. I am very frightened for our country right now, like a majority of Americans. The old mantra of "Make America Great Again," has been discarded and stomped on by Biden & Co. for too long. It IS time to take our country back, and in my own small way I hope,via my words, to contribute to that cause. This column represents her own personal opinions and not the school board or this publication.

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