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Why We Need Guns [Up Against the Wall]

Talk to Ukrainians. President Zelenskiy said early in the Russian invasion in 2022 that the government would “start issuing guns” to citizens who want to fight the Russians. In other words, they didn’t own or possess a gun before the invasion. Now me, if I was running the show, I would have made sure every Ukrainian had a gun and firearms training after the first Russian invasion (of Crimea) about 10 years ago.

Likewise, I would have been stockpiling ammunition as a government but also having the citizens maintain their own small stockpiles. Ammunition manufacturers can’t just magically ramp up production over night and, if their plants are destroyed by the enemy, they’re out of business.

Proper training, practice, and having the right arms and ammunition in the citizens’ hands could have slowed or stopped the invasion. Hell, it could have even prevented the invasion had Putin known that his forces would be met at every house by an armed citizen.

Talk to the Venezuelans. One Venezuelan told me that they aren’t allowed to own or possess guns and so they don’t have the means to fight back against the dictator that has hijacked their country.

Talk to the Israelis. Israel has strict gun laws, so much so that an estimated 400,000 guns are illegally in the possession of Arabs inside Israel while licensed regular Israelis only own a reported 150,000 guns (other than the police, army, etc.) And while Israelis had “safe rooms” in their homes where all they could do is hide and fear death, they didn’t possess the individual ability to fight back or even slow down the Hamas invasion.

So the country let the Arabs illegally posses guns but enforced strict gun laws against their own law-abiding citizens! How stupid was that? And look where it got them.

Ironically, this was in spite of five major attacks on Israeli citizens in 2022 alone that licensed gun holders were able to quickly suppress and prevent more deaths, plus at least three other major attacks since 2008. So the government knew that having citizens own and posses guns was an effective deterrent and defense of their citizens’ lives.

What if those small groups of Hamas invaders were met with gunfire from every single Israeli defending their homeland instead of being met with fear? The outcome could have been entirely different. Some of those invaders would have been dispatched, some pushed back, and some slowed down, allowing the armed forces more time to engage.

An Israeli law even prohibits owning more than 50 rounds of ammunition. You know how far 50 rounds will go in a firefight? About five seconds flat, and then you’re out of ammo. That’s how far.

Libs will argue that there are too many gun deaths. No, those are not gun deaths. Those are gang deaths or deaths committed by persons not allowed by law to possess a gun, like felons.

But libs don’t want to go into the neighborhoods where those gangs and felons have those guns and take them away. Instead, it’s easier for libs to defund the police and disarm law abiding citizens who are no threat, rather than to disarm felons and gang members.

And where are those shootings occurring? The vast majority in liberal-run cities with lax laws and lax enforcement against criminals. Libs like to blame guns, but they really should blame themselves! because the libs are the ones who relaxed the laws and bail and signaled loud and clear to the felons and gangs that’s it’s okay to shoot up our cities. The libs want to let the bad guys off the hook while locking you up for owning a gun! Think about that.

The bad guys get off for illegal possession and shootings while you get locked up for simply defending yourself! Of course, since all this is illogical and doesn’t make any sense, the libs like to blame the gun, pretending that the gun just magically picked itself up, loaded itself, and shot someone without a person pulling the trigger.

But why all this obfuscation? Because the libs know that the first step to denying your rights is to confiscate your guns. As long as common citizens have guns, we have the ability to fight back and defend our freedom. Once they take your guns, then they can take your right to speak out against them, and after that they take away your right to worship how you wish (because like all dictators, they only want you to worship the government), and lastly they confiscate your freedom.

The lesson learned: Every law-abiding citizen should own a gun, and some should own a few different types, as well as have a small stockpile of ammo, because some day (once again) we’ll need it.

And every household that possesses a gun should have proper training every few years on handling, storage, and gun safety.

The way things are going, we’ll be in World War III soon enough with Russia, China, Hamas, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and various terrorist organizations allied on one side and the U.S. allied with a bunch of wimpy, wet-noodle European governments on the other side.

And like what happened during both WWI and WWII, the enemy will try to get Mexico to side with them and invade, but this time, they enlist the cartels to do their dirty work given the cartels’ stockpile of billions of dollars that Biden has provided them through his open door policy at the border. (A few years ago, no one would believe it if you made this sh*t up.)

The lack of strength and the lack of arms to defend your nation has always led to wars throughout history, while a well-armed nation that shows strength will prevent a war, just as Ronald Reagan proved. He ended the Cold War without firing a shot – by showing strength, but he gets no credit for that from the libs or media. They’d rather invite war through a show of weakness and by Biden funding terrorist organizations and nations using American taxpayer dollars.

So far Biden has gotten us into two wars, with a third coming in Taiwan. Conclusion: If you want war, just keep doing what Biden is doing…then rinse and repeat.

T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!

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