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Wisconsin Democrats Continue to Push Ballot Drop Boxes

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Wisconsin’s Democrat leadership continued its push for ballot drop boxes as Attorney General Josh Kaul filed a response brief with the Wisconsin Supreme Court to allow them.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers filed a brief in early April looking overturn a ruling from 2022 that said ballot drop boxes are not allowed under state law.

Kaul wrote that, by spring 2021, 570 drop boxes were placed across 66 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties and the share of Wisconsin voters casting an absentee ballot increased from 6% to 30% from 2002 to 2022.

Kaul argued Wisconsin law does not prohibit drop boxes.

“Voting should be safe, secure and accessible — and drop boxes are,” Kaul said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the use of drop boxes has been swept into the broader and baseless attacks on our elections and our democracy.

“Through our filing, we’re arguing that Wisconsin law does not prohibit the use of drop boxes, and that clerks should be able to determine whether to offer this convenient method of voting in their communities.”

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