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Wisconsin Republicans Want Vote on 14-week Abortion Ban

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Wisconsin Republicans are pushing a plan to let voters weigh in on the state’s abortion law.

A group of lawmakers introduced a plan they hope will put a 14-week abortion ban on the spring ballot.

“While I am personally pro-life, I know not everyone is,” Rep. Joel Kitchens, R-Sturgeon Bay, said, “It’s time we let the people of Wisconsin decide our laws regarding abortion and not leave it up to the whims of a judge.”

Wisconsin currently allows abortions until 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Kitchens said that a 14-week ban would still allow for most abortions.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 93% of abortions in the United States occur in the first trimester. However, many Democrats support abortion up to birth. Rep. Kitchens says that extreme position isn’t shared by most voters,” Kitchens said.

In order to get the 14-week ban on the ballot, Republican lawmakers would have to approve it in both the State Assembly and State Senate. Gov. Tony Evers would then have to sign it before voters would have their say.

Evers has already vowed not to sign the plan.

“If Republicans had their way, they’d ask Wisconsinites to strip themselves of some of the very reproductive freedoms that were only just recently restored,” Evers said on social media on Sunday. “I will not let Wisconsinites go back to the way the way things were a year ago, much less 50 years ago before #Roe. Period.”

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