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Wisconsin Spring Elections 2022: Beware the Vocally ‘Non-Partisan’ Candidate

wisconsin spring elections 2022
Wisconsin spring elections 2022

The wolves are coming for your flock; beware the vocally ‘non-partisan’ candidate.

By: Paris Procopis

Well, it’s Wisconsin spring elections season and that means voters will choose from a whole slate of non-partisan local government races like city councils and school boards. The ballots are basically final for the February primaries, which lead to the April general election.

Sure, non-partisan sounds good, but, as the last few years have taught us, there is no such thing as a non-partisan race. This has never been more true than it is today.

Over the years, the left pushed for “non-partisan” local races in order to have a place to hide and stalk their ideological prey. Then they slowly came out of the weeds leaving once purple cities like Wauwatosa, for example, with hyper-leftist social justice warrior majorities on the City Council and on the School Board.

[You can follow WisRed on Facebook for a list of vetted conservative candidates for the spring primary and general election here.]

As Wauwatosa saw first hand that it only takes one vociferous hyper-partisan social justice warrior to push leftist ideology, under the guise of “good intentions” and leave the rest of our elected officials either fully supporting or quietly cowering in fear of being “canceled.” Of course, I am referring to former disgraced alderman Heather Kuhl.

Under Kuhl’s few short months on the Wauwatosa city council, they saw several extreme “WOKE” proposals. Things like making Wauwatosa a sanctuary city, making the ‘equity’ committee a sanctioned committee, or demonizing the Wauwatosa police chief and officers. Of course, she hid her extremist ideology behind fluffy names like calling her sanctuary city proposal a ‘safe city’ proposal. How “WOKE” of her.

She is not alone though. Leftists occupy nearly all the council seats and the ENTIRE school board. Wauwatosa schools have seen elements of leftist ideology like critical race theory (CRT) creeping in the curriculum for years. Of course, they are not calling it CRT; they are using fluffy words like “equity” and “inclusion.” Wauwatosa is still purple, but their local government is DEEP BLUE.

Wisconsin Spring Elections

Now, back to the Wisconsin spring elections. How are local government officials like Kuhl even elected? Well, like I said before, they hide behind the “non-partisan” label. Clearly, she did not campaign on all her “wokeness.” She was just the “sweet Tosa mom” looking to serve. In her case, Wauwatosa residents were finally awakened, and Kuhl was forced to resign after she was tied to her fake hateful Twitter profile. Once again hiding who she really was.

Great, she’s gone, but she’s not forgotten. MOST of her allies are still on the council and on the school board. It’s a complete stranglehold on power in Wauwatosa.

And, sadly, Wauwatosa is NOT alone. This is everywhere.

However, liberal incumbents all through the state know their days in office may be numbered because of the recent groundswell of people saying they have had enough of the left pushing far-left ideology like CRT and FORCED masking.

As we have seen with the massive overreach by the fringes of the far left over the past year, they are desperate to pass anything they can in order to keep their stranglehold on power.

What does all this mean?

It means there are flocks of extremest left-wing liberals who are seeking to head this off by running for office to prevent a conservative tsunami of ordinary people winning “their” seats.

What concerns me is not that they are running; surely it’s their right. The concern is that they will successfully hide behind the “non-partisan” label and keep our city councils and school boards under their totalitarian grip.

As I said, people like this get elected because voters are not making informed decisions. Sure, the candidates seem nice enough, until they get elected. Then, they bite!

My goal here is not to tell you who to vote for but to help you make an informed decision.

You see, a conservative is proud because conservative ideas are common-sense ideas. Liberals, on the other hand, hide what they believe because they know that most people would disagree with them if they were honest.

The backlash against leftist ideology over the past several months is living proof of this.

Over the next several weeks, you will get that knock on the door. And when the “nice” person on the other side tells you that they are running for office and would like your vote, ask them about their party or ideology.

A conservative will tell you proudly: They are conservative. A liberal will divert the conversation and tell you that they are “non-partisan,” and it’s a “non-partisan” race.

So, when you hear the word “non-partisan,” they are likely that extremist wolf in sheep’s clothing and, as we have seen, their bite will hurt us all.

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