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Amendments Pass, ‘Uninstructed’ Tops 47,000 Votes, MPS Tax Hike Likely Approved

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Voters across Wisconsin said yes to a lot of things on their ballots Tuesday.

Both of the state’s proposed constitutional amendments to keep outside money out of election operations passed, and a quarter-billion-dollar tax increase for Milwaukee Public Schools also likely gained approval.

The first amendment, which bans so-called “Zuckerbucks,” passed with about 54% of the vote. The second question, which bans outside election workers from working in Wisconsin, passed with about 58% of the vote.

Sen. Eric Wimberger, R-Green Bay, said Wisconsin voters made it clear that they want to keep out-of-state billionaires out of their elections.

“Whether there is actual election tampering or not, an impression of an injustice is as detrimental to society as an actual injustice. People need policies and procedures that instill confidence in the vote result, even if they don’t like the result. These amendments help create that confidence,” Wimberger said in a statement.

The amendments mean outside groups like the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Tech and Civic Life will not be able to offer election grants like they did in the 2020 election.

Uninstructed voters

While both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump easily won primaries, Biden’s campaign may have cause to worry.

The Uninstructed Campaign saw more than 39,000 Democrats vote against President Biden on Tuesday.

The campaign urged Democrats and progressives to vote “uninstructed” as a way to protest the war in Gaza and pressure Biden into ending it.

The 39,000 votes are significant.

Biden won Wisconsin by about 22,000 votes in 2020, and he could lose the state this year if those uninstructed voters don’t vote for him in November.

Overall, Biden won the Democratic primary with 88% of the vote, and Trump won the Republican primary with 79% of the vote.

MPS Referendum Appears To Pass

It could take a little while to know if Milwaukee Public Schools will be getting a quarter-billion-dollar per-year tax increase.

The district’s $252 million referendum appeared to pass Tuesday.

The city’s school district says the ‘yes’ vote carried with 51% of the vote, but there’s only a 1,720-vote gap. Milwaukee’s election managers say they are waiting to count all of the city’s absentee ballots to declare the election complete.

MPS Superintendent Keith Posley said after Tuesday’s vote that the yes vote is a huge win for kids.

“MPS is grateful to the city’s voters for supporting our continued efforts to help students succeed in school and in life,” Posley said.

Opponents spent nearly a half-million dollars trying to defeat the tax hike question.

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