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Brandon Maly Brandon, a second-generation American, attributes the resilience of his family, who were Jewish refugees from the former Soviet Union, as his inspiration for his involvement in conservative politics. Their pursuit of freedom from communism has instilled in him a deep appreciation for preserving the values and opportunities that define America as a beacon of hope and liberty. Born and raised in New Jersey, Brandon began his political engagement at the age of 14. With nearly ten years of dedicated involvement, he has amassed extensive experience as a conservative activist, contributing to numerous campaigns across various states. Brandon has worked for candidates including Rick Scott, Ron Johnson, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis, demonstrating his commitment to national-level political efforts. Currently, Brandon holds multiple leadership positions, serving as the Chairman of the Republican Party of Dane County, Vice Chairman of Wisconsin Republican County Chairs, and acting as a Field Representative for Turning Point Action. His expertise lies in youth voter outreach and grassroots organizing, reflecting his dedication to political engagement at the community level. Additionally, Brandon is dedicated to combating Anti-Semitism and communism, underscoring his commitment to addressing broader societal concerns. In his leisure time, Brandon plays competitive tennis, actively seeks out fellow conservatives in Madison (they do exist), and enjoys literature about his favorite President, Calvin Coolidge.
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