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BadgersVote: University of Wisconsin’s ‘Get Out the Liberal Vote’ Campaign


As the legislature considers funding for the University of Wisconsin in the state budget, it may want to consider the UW’s BadgersVote campaign, or what I call the ‘Get Out the Liberal Vote’ campaign.

The UW is using its taxpayer-funded staff to work on this effort, but of course, they claim it’s a bi-partisan effort to get out the vote, but not only is it not part of the core mission of a university, but of the dozen ultra-left organizations that the UW is coordinating with, only one (the College Republicans) is conservative. I spoke with them and they say they never worked with the UW on such a campaign. I call that vote masking.

In addition, the UW is also unethically using its foundation to hide the source of secret hush money from a donor to assist in funding their efforts. I don’t think the foundation was established to engage in partisan political activities and that should stop.

The UW has driven massive voter turnout in the student districts for the last three elections. Now explain to me how the UW can have such a high voter turnout when about half the students are from out of state.

My opinion: UW is using this BadgersVote scheme to encourage students who are not residents to vote, even vote twice – once at home and once here, and to encourage foreign students to vote, maybe even illegally.

It’s simple – if a student is paying out-of-state tuition, then that student is not a resident. But the UW is playing both sides of the fence, encouraging students to claim they are residents here because they lived here for 28 days while claiming they are non-residents in order to collect the much higher out-of-state tuition fees from them. Pretty sneaky…

The legislature should consider a bill to clarify residency for voting purposes to stop disenfranchising real Wisconsin residents whose votes are being diluted by this UW scheme. Here are some simple rules to determine is someone is a real resident of Wisconsin:

1. If you pay out-of-state tuition, you’re not a resident.
2. If you are still on Mommy and Daddy’s tax return as a dependent, you’re not a resident.
3. If your driver’s license is from another state, you’re not a resident.
4. If your voter registration is still in another state and you have not moved it, you’re not a resident.

It’s really simple.

We’ve got to stop this scheme that the UW is engaging in using our taxpayer money. Likewise, we need legislation to stop the Madison city clerk from engaging in its nefarious activities. I’m told that when a non-resident approaches the clerk to register to vote with nothing to prove their residency, (which should be a clue that the person is not a resident of this state), the clerk volunteers to send the person a letter from the clerk’s office. Such ‘evidence’ of residency would include a letter to the person’s current living address (which they can’t produce even one) from a legitimate source. But since they lack that, the clerk then asks for the person’s address, and the clerk then sends a letter to that person. That person then returns later with that same letter from the clerk to use as ‘evidence’ of residency, and then the clerk registers the person to vote. I call that circular logic and it’s fake, phony, and a scam against Wisconsin voters designed to get around the laws so that non-residents can vote here.

Again, this has to stop, and since liberals love the concept of defunding, the legislature should defund the city of Madison and the UW until this crap stops. Let’s put an end to it, in Wisconsin, right now.

T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!

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