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It’s Time to ‘Woke Up’ & Confront Wokeness Wherever You Encounter It

It’s time to woke up people. What I mean is, when you hear lies and half-truths, speak up and confront them. Don’t be silent. Don’t let political correctness a/k/a wokism a/k/a Stalinism rein.

There is a new book out called How To Save the West, by Spenser Klavan, which is about the current state of wokeness and how we got here and how we can counter it. Basically the left has implemented the book 1984 in reality – almost like that was their playbook: Don’t allow God, because you can’t worship government if God is in the way. Don’t allow truth, because then government and those in power can pass off their lies as truth. As Klavan says, if truth is relative, then all that matters is power, and we see that today with the no-punishment deal for Hunter Biden and a pass for Joe Biden’s crimes, while fake crimes are invented and used to prosecute the opposition candidate, Trump. (It’s all Trumped up, if you don’t mind the pun.)

Klavan says that political and cultural authorities (think: climate change scientists, academics, etc.) do not like having their ignorance (and I’ll add – their lies) exposed. What we have today is a crisis of reality, Klavan asserts. He says that everyone in power has abandoned real wisdom for the sake of personal gain. Tear down the other guy in order to build yourself up, because (as I assert) you don’t have the work ethic, skills, or knowledge to build up something yourself, so that means being left behind, so tear someone else down so you can feel important.

Another interesting book, The Genius of China, by Robert Temple, which I may have mentioned before, tells 3,000 years of inventions by China, but what I found fascinating is that most of inventions never took hold or spread – they never got to market, because “Large private enterprises in those commodities were thus put out of business, and the usual Chinese practice of nationalizing major industries and forming government monopolies was followed.” That’s what followed the Chinese invention of gunpowder.

Likewise with forges for smelting steel; the emperor nationalized those too, in order to control the process of weapons manufacturing. Hundreds of opportunities were squashed in China over thousands of years because those in power either wanted the profits for themselves or the power those inventions would provide.

It’s an appropriate time to highlight this history as Zi of China has been doing the same thing for the last few years; imprisoning business leaders and hijacking their businesses. Why? Because if national private sector heroes exist in industry, they could counter or speak out against his now lifetime-dictatorship. Same with Taiwan.

Why are Chinese leaders so hell bent on taking over Taiwan? It’s simple; they can’t tolerate a successful democracy / capitalist economy on its border that provides a counter-example of why communism is bad and a failure. (The same was true as to why China wanted to get hold of Hong Kong so bad when the lease ended in 1997. They couldn’t allow such a massive success story in on their periphery.) The same is true with the woke crowd here. They know that they need to brainwash our students; that they can’t allow the truth to exist because that would shine a bright light on their story of lies, which is the foundation of their power.

Now they even have censorship from the tech-oligarchs to block the truth and facts. Whereas before they had only the papers and nightly news to proactively promote their lies, today they can block the truth via Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. (Ever search for something on the web and instead of getting what you wanted, the search engine gave you what they wanted – which was the highest bidder for ad dollars. No longer can we even search for the truth, no, that’s maybe on page 3 of the search if we’re lucky.)

It’s like when my daughter was younger and her team had lost a soccer game. A mom afterwards then said, and I kid you not, “you’re all winners, let’s go to Culver’s to celebrate.” On the kids’ faces shined the truth, they knew they lost and that her words rang hollow. Instead of letting that lie stand, I spoke up and said, “What she said is a lie. You lost. Remember how this feels so that next time you’ll try harder, and we’re not going to Culver’s.” The kids respected the truth for once!

Stop wokeness wherever you encounter it!

T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!

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