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Democrats Attempting to Seize Control of the Legislature Through Wisconsin Supreme Court [WRN Voices]

Control of the Legislature Thru Wisconsin Supreme Court

State Senator Duey Stroebel joined me on The Meg Ellefson Show last week to discuss the Democrats’ absurd hyper-partisan scheme to gerrymander Wisconsin’s legislative maps that have already been ruled lawful by the Supreme Court.

Now that the Democrats have purchased their very own state Supreme Court call girl for $10 million, they are transparent in their plans to fundamentally transform Wisconsin into the miserable states of Minnesota, California, Illinois and New York. It pains me to say this about Minnesota – I was born and raised there. But alas, my former home state is lost, as Democrats have seized control of all branches of government.

Redistricting is covered in article four, section three of the Wisconsin constitution and “is crystal clear,” stated Senator Stroebel.

“The duty and responsibility of the state legislature is to redraw the state’s legislative boundaries every 10 years after the federal census is done. That was done as usual, as has been done for decades.”
“But, Governor Evers vetoed those maps. There were lawsuits. It went to the federal court. And these maps prevailed at every turn in the end. They were constitutional, and they were upheld. Case settled.”
“We have a situation now where we have a Supreme Court justice who campaigned on the fact that, quote, “the maps are rigged, and she’s going to change them” and the Democratic Party spent $10 million getting her elected. And she is doing exactly what she said she was going to do with the help of that $10 million to help her spread that message.”

What’s tragic is that Democrats aren’t interested in fairness. They’re not interested in “fair” representation. They don’t give a damn about any of us outside of their faithful voting cabals in Dane and Milwaukee counties.

Their policies, their platform, their lack of principles are not representative of the majority in Wisconsin. But they are now attempting to impose their minority opinion and their “values” on the entire state. They want FULL CONTROL of state government in Wisconsin.

Make no mistake, this is what they have been plotting to do since the historic reforms of former Governor Scott Walker.

Senator Stroebel summarized what we are facing in Wisconsin if the Democrats take control of the legislature:

“They want to get rid of Act 10. They want to get rid of school choice, they want higher taxes. They want unfettered abortion up until the moment of birth. They want to defund the police. They want to empty the prisons, they want gun regulations, they want voting free for all’s. They want climate boondoggles. They want free college, free health care and college for illegals.”

God help us.

Get involved now by helping legislative Republicans prevail in their upcoming redistricting challenges; before it’s too late.

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