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Latest Win Against Election Integrity ‘Lawfare’ in Green Bay [WRN Voices]

Election Integrity in Green Bay

“The City of Green Bay would be doing themselves a favor if she were removed from their employment.” —Ron Heuer, president of the Wisconsin Voter Alliance.

Ron Heuer was referring to the City of Green Bay losing a case regarding a potential violation of election law. On the website for the WVA, it describes the incident further: Circuit Court Judge Tammy Jo Hock handed the City of Green Bay and the tyrannical City Clerk Celestine Jeffreys, a huge loss today. The winner was Janet Angus and all those folks who have invested time and effort into election integrity.

Celestine Jeffreys had accused Janet Angus of being disorderly when on April 5, 2022, Janet Angus allegedly witnessed clerk Jeffreys accepting more than one absentee ballot from a voter. Janet, believing this was not lawful, told Jeffreys this was unlawful. Angus kept her voice conversational; she did not yell, scream, use profanity, or otherwise cause any problem. She simply called clerk Jeffreys out. The Wisconsin Election Commission later “ruled Jeffreys likely violated state law for the incident Angus questioned.”

Initially, instead of the focus being on Jeffreys not following the law if she accepted those ballots, Angus who pointed out the potential violation of law, ended up being cited and convicted of disorderly conduct! However, the judge overturned that ruling.

How backward. This is a microcosm of how Democrats use our justice system. After spending thousands in legal fees and experiencing this unfair treatment, Angus was about to throw in the towel when she decided to reach out to the Wisconsin Voter Alliance.

Thank God she did. She was able to get a new hearing and this time the judge ruled in her favor. According to WVA, “Immediately following the plaintiff’s testimony, Judge Hock granted a motion for directed verdict. This meant the Judge had already concluded that the City of Green Bay had not met the burden to prove Ms. Angus had done anything wrong.

Further, Judge Hock indicated it was her belief that Jeffreys and the city’s case against Ms. Angus was “retaliatory due to the Wisconsin Elections complaint that was filed.”

Retaliatory is a good word to describe how Democrats respond when they get caught doing wrong. It is satisfying to see justice prevail here, especially when we have seen our justice system fail at times in recent years due to what seems to be overt political corruption.

Though it’s not widely known, the Wisconsin Voter Alliance has been at the forefront of election integrity lawsuits since before the November 2020 election. Ron Heuer, who was the chairman of the Republican Party of Kewaunee at the time, started the WVA to address issues related to potential violations of election law.

WVA played a pivotal role in drawing attention to what we now call “Zuckerbucks”—money that was funneled from Mark Zuckerberg to leftwing organizations like Center for Tech and Civic Life, which was then largely dispersed to local governments in key swing states in heavily Democrat cities under the guise of making our elections safer during COVID. Similar efforts are still going on today, except the narrative has shifted a bit because they were caught.

During the 2020 election, “The Chicago-based Center for Tech and Civic Life received hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from Zuckerberg and his wife, money they pumped out in big grants to cities in the name of ‘safe elections.’”

A man named Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein was heavily involved in the process in Wisconsin.

“Spitzer-Rubenstein appears to have played point man for the coordinated effort among the ‘Wisconsin 5’ cities: Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, and Racine—which received a combined $6.3 million in Zuckerberg money,” Daily Signal reported.

To read more about the political nature of Zuckerbucks, see here.

WVA actually filed a lawsuit to stop the use of Zuckerbucks in Wisconsin during the 2020 election once Heuer realized what was going on. The lawsuit was unfortunately unsuccessful at the time. Thankfully, we will now have the opportunity to ban the use of Zuckerbucks in our elections (and anything else like it) on April 2, with a constitutional amendment being placed on the ballot thanks to the Wisconsin legislature.

Of course, the Wisconsin Voter Alliance is not the only organization fighting for election integrity. Between the WVA, the Republican Party of Wisconsin (see election integrity efforts here), the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty, the MacIver Institute, and many others, including grassroots activists, there have been concerted efforts to pursue justice and ensure compliance with our election laws. Each has an important role to play in this ongoing battle to protect the integrity of our elections.

Lawsuits have been won regarding banning ballot drop boxes, banning clerks from completing witness signature requirements that voters by law have to do, protecting access for Republican election observers in Green Bay, and most recently banning a mobile voting van in the city of Racine, among other wins.

It’s not always easy to get justice and now we will have a bigger challenge on our hands with a Democrat-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court—yes, I said “Democrat-controlled” on purpose.

Back to the latest legal victory, Heuer continues in a statement on the WVA website:

“The Brown County Circuit Court directed verdict is a learning moment. Nationwide, the progressives are using prosecution and litigation for political objectives, to cancel election integrity, and to shut up political opponents. They call it “lawfare”. But, it is Tyranny, really. In response to Green Bay’s tyranny, Ms. Angus, WVA and others had the courage to fight back. And we won! Nationwide, we must combat this tyranny in the same, good way, as we did in Green Bay.”

I couldn’t agree more. The Democrats are doing all they can to undermine our elections (among other things) and call common sense election laws meant to protect your vote “voter suppression.” It is absurdly easy to vote in Wisconsin. But I guess Democrats figure if they say something over and over again people will buy their nonsensical claims. I can almost see them waving their hands as if they are performing a Jedi mind trick when they repeat their lies on this and other issues. “Voter ID is racist.” “MAGA Republicans are a danger to our democracy.” “Republicans are book burners.” All dishonest political talking points.

Let’s hope enough people don’t believe their lies in 2024. In the meantime, organizations like the Wisconsin Voter Alliance and others will continue to fight for election integrity. We owe them a debt of gratitude. You can join WVA in their fight by signing up to become a member (which is free) or donate to the cause through their website.

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