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Stephanie Soucek

Stephanie Soucek is a political activist who is passionate about defending our constitutional rights and common sense values against the far-left agenda that is undermining the foundational principles of our nation. She desires to influence the culture and public policy by building relationships, creating thought provoking content, and working through the political process. During the recall effort of Governor Scott Walker and out of concern for our nation, she felt compelled to do something and got involved in the Republican Party of Door County in 2012. She has served in different capacities within the party and has volunteered as a county coordinator for various campaigns over the years. Stephanie became the chair of the Republican Party of Door County in 2019 and is currently serving her third term, while also being elected vice chair of the 8th district of Wisconsin in 2023. Stephanie has a degree in sociology from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. She is currently a stay at home mom, taking care of children and homeschooling her son. She also serves in various ways in her church, as her faith is an important part of her life. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring in nature, and studying American history.
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