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Hell YES, I’m Voting For the Convicted Felon! [WRN Voices]

trump convicted felon

The dust has now settled after a period of time, when a former president was found “guilty” in a Kangaroo Court. Many patriotic Americans, myself included, had to take a deep breath or two to realize we have to go forward. This ruling means nothing.

Yet, what did we, as Americans, learn? That our justice system has been corrupted and weaponized? You bet.

Trump had an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with a porn star. Stormy Daniels. Not “hush money.” And he paid her. And she took the money. That had absolutely nothing to do with any election interference or a threat to Democracy.

The federal prosecutors who originally looked into this could find nothing wrong and did not charge Trump with any crime.

Years later, enter a prosecutor from New York. A really, really blue state with said prosecutor who ran for office on “getting Trump.” The charges against Trump had to be created. They had to be convoluted and made viable to make an actual case since such had been dismissed a long time ago. Much ado about nothing. The jury – made up of fellow liberal New Yorkers, who were probably still crying over Hillary’s loss – were easy pickings to go after Trump. Fair trial? Fair about anything? NO. The judge has been proven to be anti-Trump, and his daughter is a Democratic operative getting paid the big bucks. So, what happened?

The expected.

Trump was found “guilty.” Such a ruling will eventually be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, since the New York Appellate Court, where the first appeal will land, is made up of rabid lefties. So eventually when real law and order are restored, Trump will not be a “convicted felon.”

Most Americans are now getting schooled in Lawfare – where the courts are beholden to the George Soros socialist D.A.s and judges. I have to ask, why does George Soros hate America so much and why is he dead set on destroying our country? Why is one evil man so powerful? Soros continues to do all he can to ruin the United States from the outside, but he sure has his minions on the inside helping out.

Don’t think for a minute that the Biden White House was not somehow behind the Trump trial, although they deny it. Biden and Co.’s allies – who always cry that “if Trump gets elected, he will put his enemies in prison” are doing exactly that. They have been doing that for some time now. Putting their ideological enemies (and a presidential opponent) in prison. Trump isn’t the first. There is a long list. What about all those American citizens from January 6th? Still rotting in prison, waiting for a trial. Arrested in some cases simply for walking into the Capitol – after being welcomed and guided by Capitol police! The films are there. No one was an “insurrectionist.” An unorganized riot is a better description. Democracy was never threatened, even though that has become the fallback claim of Democrats.

As a side note, I have to wonder if they actually will go so far as to put Trump in prison. After all, that would allow a dementia-riddled Joe Biden to get out of debates. Biden has been such an embarrassment in public settings that even with the best drugs in the world pumped into his system, I don’t think he could handle debating Trump. Best excuse – my opponent is in prison!

Never forget – Trump was the best president this country had seen in a long time. Reagan is right up there, too. But Trump did amazing things during his four short years. Americans were enjoying economic success. All Americans! Our enemies were kept at bay. Iran, North Korea, Russia, etc. were all quiet. Afraid to take on Trump. The border was shut down. We were not an embarrassment worldwide but rather a power to look up to. Make America Great Again was working.

If Trump were president, Russia would not have invaded Ukraine. We wouldn’t be providing billions of dollars to Ukraine, as well as weapons, while our own citizens suffer. Israel wouldn’t have been attacked on Oct. 7. Iran wouldn’t be free to do whatever it wants regarding developing nuclear weapons. The Afghanistan withdrawal wouldn’t have been a horrible debacle that saw 13 American soldiers killed. And does anyone even know anymore what has happened to those Americans left behind in Afghanistan? Or what about those American hostages being held by Hamas after Oct. 7? No follow-up by the biased media, of course. And I have to mention inflation! Rising prices on everything! Gas, homes, rent, food, clothing! That, folks, is Biden’s America!!! Destroying our beloved country from within, and Biden probably doesn’t even know what he is doing or what is going on.

So come November, HELL YES, I will be voting for Donald Trump. A convicted felon.
However, to be politically correct, I should say: VOTE TRUMP 2024! A Justice Impacted Individual!!!

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