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Janet Protasiewicz Ducks SECOND Debate With Dan Kelly

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Why is Janet Protasiewicz scared to debate Dan Kelly? Will the media report it?

Left-wing Milwaukee Judge Janet Protasiewicz has ducked a second Supreme Court debate against former Justice Dan Kelly.

Last week, Protasiewicz suddenly refused to debate Kelly at a Carroll University debate moderated by a college student. That group was sponsored by a conservative organization called 5 Riders, and debate organizers left an empty chair in her place.

This time, Protasiewicz is refusing to debate Kelly in a forum organized by a liberal organization.


Kelly’s campaign said that Kelly had committed to answering questions “before the liberal American Constitution Society,” but after Protasiewicz refused to debate, the event was cancelled. The group’s Facebook page describes it as “the leading progressive legal organization promoting the U.S. Constitution and the values it express.”

“Despite Justice Kelly committing to answer questions before the liberal American Constitution Society, Politician Protasiewicz will not attend,” his campaign wrote.

“Justice Kelly will make himself available going forward because Wisconsin deserves better than a politician who puts her biases ahead of the law.”

According to the Kelly campaign, the American Constitution Society “has informed the Justice Daniel Kelly campaign that it is cancelling its planned debate originally scheduled for next Tuesday. Janet Politician Protasiewicz turned down an offer to attend so, rather than have Justice Kelly there alone to defend the Constitution and rule of law, the event was cancelled.”

According to Kelly’s campaign, former Justice Kelly “planned to attend whether Politician Protasiewicz was there or not and is disappointed that he will not be allowed to make the point to the ACS audience that the Constitution and the rule of law are the only things Supreme Court Justices should apply when making decisions-not the Rule of Janet where she has promised her personal views and values will be taken into consideration in her deliberations on the court. Politics is poison to the court.”

The campaign notes: “Justice Kelly has accepted several debate and joint appearance invitations during March which he plans to attend whether Politician Protasiewicz wants to show up or not.”

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