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Jennifer Dorow Announces Endorsements From 31 Current & Retired Sheriffs

jennifer dorow endorsements
Jennifer Dorow endorsements include 31 sheriffs

Wisconsin’s sheriffs have turned their backs on the two liberal candidates in the state Supreme Court race.

Jennifer Dorow endorsements: Supreme Court candidate Jennifer Dorow has announced endorsements from 31 current and retired sheriffs.

“Judge Jennifer Dorow’s campaign for Wisconsin Supreme Court announced today bi-partisan endorsements from 22 current (and soon to be) sheriffs and nine retired sheriffs from across Wisconsin,” her campaign wrote in a press release. “Citing her leadership and commitment to the Constitution and the rule of law, the sheriffs agree that Judge Dorow is the best candidate for the open seat on the state’s highest court.” The “soon-to-be” sheriffs are three who are sheriff-elects.

In contrast, left-wing judge Janet Protasiewicz, who has a history of controversially weak sentences for rapists, was endorsed by 2 sheriffs, 1 retired sheriff, and 1 retired sheriff’s deputy, while earning endorsements from a slew of liberal politicians and criminal defense attorneys. Left-wing Dane County Judge Everett Mitchell has the endorsement of two sheriffs, 5 police chiefs, and a patrol officer. Conservative former Justice Dan Kelly, who is also in the race, previously announced the endorsement of 18 sheriffs. See our story on Kelly’s sheriff endorsements here.

He has since added another one, per his website, bringing his total to 19.

“I’m honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of these law enforcement leaders who are on the front lines of protecting Wisconsin families,” Dorow said. “A commitment to public safety and respect for law enforcement are core values of mine. As the wife of a former cop, I know and appreciate the sacrifices of the men and women who wear the badge. Having law enforcement support like this means the world to me.”

“Now more than ever, we need strong, effective leaders, like Judge Dorow, who unequivocally support the rule of law,” said Racine Sheriff Chris Schmaling. “Judge Dorow has shown her dedication to improving the justice system and holding all parties accountable in the courtroom. I am proud to endorse her and encourage others to join me in supporting her as well.”

Clark County Sheriff Scott Haines said, “Based on what I know about Judge Dorow and her management over the Brooks/Waukesha Parade trial, she handles herself exceptionally well in a courtroom. The combination of her professional experience and personal beliefs have impressed me to endorse her for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

“Judge Dorow demonstrates a fundamental adherence to the Constitution and applying the law as it is written,” said Kewaunee County Sheriff Matthew Joski. “She does not legislate from the bench, which maintains the integrity of the courts. That’s what we’re looking for in a judge to serve on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

According to Ozaukee County Sheriff Jim Johnson, “Judge Jennifer Dorow will provide the citizens of Wisconsin an ethical and knowledgeable Supreme Court Justice that will not legislate from the bench. She will make the right decisions for the right reasons, devoid of personal opinion or politics.”

Following is a list of Judge Dorow’s endorsements from current sheriffs:

Buffalo County Sheriff-Elect Michael Osmond
Clark County Sheriff Scott Haines
Columbia County Sheriff Roger Brandner
Florence County Sheriff Dan Miller
Fond du Lac County Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt
Green Lake County Sheriff Mark Podoll
Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth
Kewaunee County Sheriff Matthew Joski
Langlade County Sheriff Mark Westen
Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Suave
Marathon County Sheriff Elect Chad Billeb
Marquette County Sheriff Joe Konrath
Outagamie County Sheriff Clint Kriewaldt
Ozaukee County Sheriff Jim Johnson
Ozaukee County Sheriff Elect Christy Knowles
Pierce County Sheriff Nancy Hove
Racine County Sheriff Chris Schmaling
Shawano County Sheriff Adam Bieber
Sheboygan County Sheriff Cory Roeseler
Vernon County Sheriff John Spears
Waupaca County Sheriff Tim Wilz
Waushara County Sheriff Walter Zuehlke

Following is a list of Judge Dorow’s endorsements from retired sheriffs:
Fond du Lac County Sheriff Mick Fink, Ret.
Lafayette County Sheriff Scott Pedley, Ret.
La Crosse County Sheriff Mike Weissenberger, Ret.
Lincoln County Sheriff Geoff Banta, Ret.
Outagamie County Sheriff Brad Gehring, Ret.
Ozaukee County Sheriff Maury Straub, Ret.
Vernon County Sheriff Gene Cary, Ret.
Waukesha County Sheriff Dan Trawicki, Ret.
Waukesha County Sheriff Arnold Moncada, Ret.

The release notes “Judge Dorow, who is Chief Judge for the Third Judicial District, has been on the bench for 11 years. She was recently chosen by her peers to serve as Chief of the Chief Judges. Judge Dorow brings 26 years of judicial and law experience, including as a prosecutor, guardian ad litem and private practice attorney. Her husband, Brian Dorow, has a distinguished 30-year career serving in various capacities in law enforcement, including in
the Department of Homeland Security. The Dorows live in Waukesha County have three children.”

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