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Matt Walsh ‘What Is a Woman’ Documentary: How to Watch

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Matt Walsh What is a Woman Documentary screenshot.

Matt Walsh’s “What Is a Woman” documentary sparked controversy about censorship on Twitter, but where can you watch it?

Here are some options:

What Is a Woman Documentary: How to Watch for Free

Elon Musk pinned the documentary to the top of his Twitter page, urging all parents to watch it. Daily Wire tweeted with the 1.5 hour long documentary, “It’s the movie they really don’t want you to see: #WhatIsAWoman? Watch the explosive documentary starring @MattWalshBlog FREE on Twitter for 24 hrs.”

The 24 hours has been expanded.

It’s free through the end of the weekend.

Matt Walsh wrote on Twitter, “It’s been a wild 24 hours. It began with Twitter labeling our film hate speech and completely suppressing it, and ends with all suppression lifted and Elon Musk himself tweeting out the film and urging people to watch it. A huge win.”

The documentary has had more than 110 million views. Walsh wrote, “The film has been seen by millions of people but still only six movie critics have dared to review it. And none of them are from major mainstream publications.”

Daily Wire Website: Watch the What Is a Woman Documentary

Watch the What Is a Woman Documentary on the Daily Wire website (requires a subscription)

Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro tweeted, “Thanks, @elonmusk! Overnight, visibility limits on the movie have been removed. Elon continues to work to make good on his pledge to keep Twitter an open platform!”

Walsh wrote, “It was a battle but free speech wins in the end. The film can now be seen and shared by all.”

Before Musk amplified the documentary, Matt Walsh tweeted, “I try not to think about this. Our film has been banned from most platforms. Mainstream movie critics refused to even review it. It’s been blacklisted and suppressed and yet still reached a massive audience. But how many more could we have reached without the deck stacked completely against us? It’s no use lamenting these things.”

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