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Milwaukee Firefighters Save Man From Jumping Off Bridge [VIDEO]

milwaukee firefighters save man
Screenshots of the Milwaukee firefighters saving a man

Milwaukee firefighter Nyles Wray grabbed the hand of a suicidal man who was threatening to jump off a bridge, helping save his life.

“The man climbed over the guard rail and lower himself over the side,” the Fire Department wrote in a news release.

“Firefighter Wray was able to get to him and quickly reach out holding his hand as he let go of the guard rail. Firefighter Wray was quickly assisted by Firefighter Rita Muzia, Heavy Equipment Operator Joshua Ladue and Lieutenant Colin Thomas. Putting their own lives at risk as all of their feet came off the ground, they were able to bring the man over the guard rail to safety and continue providing medical assistance to him until members of the Milwaukee Police Department arrived to assist.”

Milwaukee Firefighters Save Man

The Fire Department released this video.

“The Milwaukee Fire Department  strives to provide excellent service to our constituents every time we are called. We know every call is unique and we are aware of the risks we may face at any given moment,” the department wrote. “Although every sworn member of this Department has voluntarily taken an oath to serve and protect our citizens regardless of the circumstances, as humans we hope never to find ourselves in any situation where our lives may be at peril. Thanks to our great trainings and preparation, we are able to selflessly make quick decisions in order to help others and keep them safe.

“The incident took place in the afternoon of Thursday, June 24. “Engine Co. 9 was responding to a single motor vehicle accident on the N. Teutonia Ave. overpass which runs over W. Silver Spring Dr. A female bystander alerted Firefighter Nyles Wray about the driver involved in the accident who was experiencing a mental crisis and had threatened to end his life by jumping off the bridge,” the department wrote.

“The valor and dedication of these members not only resulted in saving this man’s life but also portray the foundation of our Milwaukee Fire Department and its members.”

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